The Best Job Searching Websites in 2013

jobsIn the current competitive job market, job hunters need all the assistance they can find when they start their job search. Those with smartphones are already a step ahead. Having your smartphone with you every time helps you respond fast to employers expressing interest in you, whether the response is via email or phone call. Here is a list with the top 10 job searching websites in 2013.

1. LinkedIn
This is not only an amazing way of staying connected with your equals but will also make your job search a lot less stressful. LinkedIn gives you access to more than 35 million members from more than 140 different industries. With it, you can connect with recruiters and executives from various leading companies without difficulty.

2. Indeed
This has become the leading job search engine, over the past few years. It is user-friendly and provides a quick-search direct from the homepage. This website is a must have for every job seeker hoping to get a job in the current competitive market.

3. SimplyHired
This is an amazing place to begin your job search. Its site has more than 5 million jobs, which includes jobs from bulletin boards, job listings from newspapers as well as companies. Besides, you can sort out outcome based on contract work, part-time, full-time and company size.

4. Mediabistro.com

This is a great website for journalists. It has been in existence since 1993 and has more than 4 million users. This site connects professionals in publishing, journalism and similar related industries. You can find part-time, freelance as well as full-time gig opportunities.

5. Craigslist
This has become a fresh outlet for those looking for full-time or part-time work, over the past few years. Craigslist is an amazing tool for job seekers since it offers many job opportunities. Fresh job lists are posted everyday.

6. Snagajob
Snagajob is a wonderful website if you are looking for hourly employment. It has more than 19 million job hunters and offers job hunters access to positions for both small and large companies, which includes movie theatres, department stores and coffee shops.

7. Careerbuilder
Careerbuilder.com merges local as well as national job listings in a single place. You can either use the ‘Advanced Search’ or ‘Quick Search’ option. The ‘Advanced Search’ lets you search numerous different stores at once.

8. Monster
Monster.com, for iPad and iPhone, is an amazing way of getting your resume out when you are on the go. It helps you keep track of jobs that you have applied for and apply for new positions. The app needs monster.com login info, which will let you sync your data. Recent searches are saved, alongside all of your resumes.

9. BeKnown

This is a professional networking app for Facebook. The app lets you establish and administer a professional network. Job hunters can find jobs via their Facebook accounts, making it easier for employees and prospective employers to connect.

10. Job Compass
This is an iPhone application that helps you job search even as you are on the go. It plots a map of jobs according to your current locations. The search radius can be set to 5, 10, 20, 50 or even 100 miles. Ensure to use keywords best describing your field, for example, administrative, sales or writing.

Published on behalf of Mr. Michael L. who works for Priority People Solutions a company that specialises in mining jobs in Western Australia. He also likes to blog about gaming and technology.

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