Why Essay Writing Services Have Become So Popular over the Last Few Years?

A number of online service providers have emerged that specialise in offering writing services, that involves essays, term papers, research paper, etc. Their popularity has increased significantly over the years as more students are availing these services. Let’s take a look as why these writing services have become so popular.

Importance of Essay Writing

Essay writing is often considered to be a benchmark for assessing the academic acumen of a student. It measures the students’ ability to conduct research to gather necessary data while thinking critically to produce an elegant piece of work. The educational institutions often give significant weight to essay writing and is reflected by the high scores allocated for the same. Writing tasks like essays, term papers, research papers etc. are quite prevalent from junior high to Ph.D. level. These tasks can contribute to 20% to 80% of the total weight of the module. This clearly highlights the importance of the academic writing.

Demand for Essay Writing Service

The emphasis given by the educational institutions on writing tasks is highlighted in the strict evaluation. Since these tasks determine the academic progress of the students, therefore the evaluators often tend to be stringent while assessing the quality of the writing. For an average student, it can sometimes be challenging to meet up to the expectations of the evaluators. Moreover, in some cases, the students from the junior high may lack the experience of essay writing or any other writing tasks. As a result, they often choose to seek academic assistance to help them out with their college assignments.

Moreover, a large number of students from Asia and the Middle East move to US universities to complete their higher studies, especially the master’s degree. Since they are not native English speakers, therefore it can be quite difficult for them to write essays or identical tasks in flawless English. Such students often need assistance in writing good essays in English, free from grammatical errors. These factors suggest that the demand for essay writing service has increased significantly over the years. Along with the increase in demand, the number of companies offering such service has also increased.

Increasing number of Essay Writing Companies

Over the recent years, the number of freelance jobs has drastically increased, especially due to the worldwide access to the internet and the presence of seamless international payment services like PayPal. These freelancers are experienced writers who often work from home for different essay writing companies. The presence of transaction services like PayPal has allowed entrepreneurs from various developing countries to offer essay writing services to students all over the world. These online essay writing service providers mostly cater to the college and university students, who find it quite challenging to write essays on error-free English. Moreover, the customer base of these online companies also includes students who work part-time jobs to support their education. They hardly get time to invest in writing a good quality essay. Availing good essay writing services makes it easier for them to sustain their part-time jobs.

Quality of Work

The essay writing companies are focused on offering good quality works in tight deadlines. They often work with a team of experts who can deliver good quality essays of nearly 2500 words in less than 48 days, while ensuring it to be free from plagiarism. The fast service helps the students to avoid missing their deadlines. The popularity of these online services is also determined by the price paid by the customers. Most of these services are quite affordable, where the price of per page starts from $7. This, as a result, makes it quite affordable for the students who are usually on a financial constraint.

Choosing the Right Service Provider

Despite the valuable services provided by these companies, it can be difficult for the students to select the right service provider. Since there are several companies that offer identical services, it can be quite easier for the customers wrongly choose an inexperienced service provider, thereby resulting in receiving poor quality essays. Therefore, it is essential for the customers, especially when they are choosing an essay writing service provider for the first time, to check for online reviews.

Ethical Views

From the standpoint of ethical perspective, it has been often highlighted that availing essay writing services are considered cheating. Many educational institutions have raised concerns that the students are not writing their own papers, which makes fair evaluation to be quite difficult. Many have also argued that students are allowed to seek academic assistance, in case there are struggling studies. These services are often viewed as a help for the students to provide new ideas for their papers. Despite of the controversial stance of essay writing services, its popularity has raised significantly over the years and the industry is likely to expand as more students seek out for academic help from professionals.

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