Types of Professional House Cleaning Services

How does it feel to return to a home which is neat, tidy and smells fresh, after an exhausting day? How does it feel when unexpected guests randomly arrive at your arranged and organized house? How does it feel to have professional cleaners assist you in taking care of your home? One would feel great in all the above situations.

Taking care of the house is as important as taking care of one’s health. As it is, the cleanliness of the house has a direct impact on you and your family members’ health. Overtime rugs, carpets, furniture, and upholstery absorb dust, dirt, stains, and moisture which convert into health hazards. A thorough house cleaning eliminates all the contaminants resulting in a house’s healthy condition. Let’s have a look at the importance of regular house cleaning.

  • Dust, debris, mold and bacteria, vermin, and rodent feces get accumulated in the house over a period. Regular house cleaning ensures that the house is free of all kinds of contaminants and health hazards.
  • It assures that the house remains kids-friendly.
  • Regular house cleaning keeps the house in a hygienic condition.
  • It also reduces the chances of infection and allergies.
  • A decluttered, neat and clean house keeps the family members healthy and happy.

Professional cleaners offer awide range of house cleaning services is available these days. With the advent of technology, all kinds of services are available right at your doorstep. Various dedicated online platforms arrange for standard professional cleaning services. The professionals who carry out these services are not only well equipped, polite and cooperative, but they are masters in their respective tasks.

Deep cleaning services include the essential services, but with an extra emphasis and focus. Note the various kinds mentioned below:

Bathroom Cleaning
Clean and disinfect showerExtra attention on the shower door
Clean and disinfect tile wallsScrub tile grouts
Wipe or dust baseboardsClean the fingerprints
Sanitize and deodorize sink and vanities
Clean and scrub mirrorsClean fingerprints or other stains
Trash removedSanitize wastebaskets
Sanitize and deodorize potsExtra care on the base and behind of pots
Clean and wash floorFloor disinfected
Carpets and rugs vacuumed
Scrub and sanitize bathtubs
Mirrors and fixtures cleaned and polished.
Cobwebs removedMildews chemically treated
Towels and other bathroom items changed
Kitchen Cleaning
Clean range hood exteriorsClean range hood interiors
Wipe and dust baseboards
Front of dishwasher cleanedInside of dishwasher cleaned
Front of oven cleanedInside and behind of stove cleaned
Front of refrigerator cleanedInside and behind of refrigerator cleaned
Top and front of range cleaned
Tables and chairs wipedFingerprints cleaned
Wash drawers and cabinetsDirt Spots cleaned
Clean kitchen equipment and small appliances
Clean and disinfect kitchen counters.
Wash and vacuum kitchen floor
Vacuum rugs and carpets
General cleaningKnickknacks cleaned
Clean countertops
Exhaust fan cleaned
Clean and disinfect the sinkChrome shined
Removal of cobwebs
Bedroom and living space cleaning
Make bedsVacuum cleaning underneath the beds
Empty and clean trash containerTrash container sanitized
Dusting and cleaning lighting systems
Dusting and cleaning furnitureBehind and reachable areas of furniture cleaned & vacuumed
Dusting and cleaning ceiling fansCeiling fans wet-washed
Cleaning of mirrorsRemoval of fingerprints and wet-washed
Picture frames dusted and cleanedRemoval of fingerprints
Dusting of ledges, partitions, windowsillsDust mini-blinds
Cleaning window glassesWet-washing window glasses
Cleaning telephones and intercoms
Removal of cobwebs
Carpets and rugs cleaned and vacuumed
Cleaning and mopping floor
Corridors swept
Floor tiles washingRemoval of stains
Clean prominent knickknacksFocus on every knickknack
Cloth covers dusted and cleanedWet washing of cloth covers
Dust and clean vents
Sweep and dust wooden floors
Dust baseboards
Kitchen Cleaning
Clean drawers, closets, and cupboards
Clean outside and inside electronic appliances
Clean and vacuum rugs and carpets
Clean dining table and chairs
Wipe clean the pantry
Remove old or stale food
Wash and polish kitchen surfaces
Degrease tiles
Garbage disposal
Bathroom Cleaning
Clean and disinfect sink, pots, and bathtub
Clean, dry and polish wall, floor tiles, and shower screens
Polish and wet-wash mirrors
Removal of garbage and old toiletries
Bedroom and living space cleaning
Dust and clean furniture, lightings, fixtures, partitions, windows, and windowsills
Vacuum clean the furniture, rugs, carpets, cloth covers
Wet-washing glass surfaces
Dry clean wooden surfaces
Vacuum clean behind, underneath and generally not visible areas
Clean and dust décor items
Cleaning inside cabinets, closets, cupboards, and wardrobes
D. ADDITIONAL CLEANING SERVICES (Availed at special request and prior intimation)
Cleaning chandelier
Deep clean electronic appliances
Vacuum window treatments
Cleaning gutter
Removal of ash from the fireplace
Cleaning garage
Washing Patio furniture
Clean screens and skylight
Clean dryer vent
Thorough carpet cleaning

In addition to cleaning a house, it sometimes gets essential to declutter and organize the home to create more space and maximize the use of current areas. That calls for professional organizing services. These services ensure that you have a storage strategy, redesign your house to let the better flow of activities assure that the closets and cabinets meet your storage requirements, and rearrange the furniture for better spacing and free movements.

In conclusion, a few tips for quick and effective house cleaning:

  • Start cleaning from top to bottom so that the dust and dirt falling upon the lower surfaces from upper surfaces can get cleaned at once.
  • Clean all the bathrooms in the house at once
  • In the kitchen, clean the appliances and equipment first. Wipe and clean all the hard surfaces in the last.
  • While vacuuming carpets, move backward out of the room.
  • Gather all the garbage from every corner of the house at once.
  • Vacuum the rugs, carpets, and floors as the last step.

A clean house is a major reason for mental peace, healthy life, positive attitude, and happy you. So, appoint a professional house cleaner now!

If you have any questions, please ask below!