Pros and Cons of Starting an On-Demand Dog Walking Business

Starting your own on-demand dog walking business is a great way to generate an income while providing a necessary service to both locals and those in your area online. Understanding both the pros and cons of developing your own on-demand dog walking business is essential before moving forward with your business plan and the service you want to launch. Knowing how to start a dog walking business is essential before choosing the type of dog walking service that is right for you.

Pros of Starting an On-Demand Dog Walking Business

Before settling on the idea that an on-demand dog walking business is right for you, it is important to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of the venture entails. Some of the most notable pros of launching your own on-demand dog walking business include:

Providing a Service to Fulfill a Need

Creating a dog walking business is a great way to fill a need for locals in your community who are searching for a suitable service. Research the demand for a dog walking business in your area along with the target audience you want to reach. Conducting adequate research is essential to determine the best method of marketing and maximizing your reach with ad campaigns and promotions. Once you have a clear understanding of the demographics that are in need of your dog walking service it is much easier to craft a working business plan with the right goals set in place.

Expansion Opportunities

Launching a successful dog walking business is ideal if you have bigger plans in mind for expansion and future growth. Even if you envision the original launch of your on-demand dog walking service to reach only those in your local area, the opportunity for expansion is possible when you have plans to build an online presence. Launching an official website and developing a downloadable app are both optimal solutions to provide you with additional business as you scale your business.

Creative Freedom and Flexibility

Launching a unique on-demand dog walking business is a great way to get creative with the type of services you provide, your marketing methods, and even the overall UI/UX you develop for your prospective customers and loyal clients. Whether you have plans to keep your on-demand dog walking business simple and relatively small or if you have an interest in expanding locally, regionally, or even nationally, creativity and flexibility are extremely important.

Get creative when developing the brand for your on-demand dog walking business choosing unique logos, slogans, and the official name of your website. Cultivate an online and local marketing strategy that helps stand out from potential competition while appealing to prospective clients who have a genuine interest in using your service. If you live in an area without prominent dog walking businesses it is much easier to retain complete creative freedom and flexibility while building your client base.

Cons of Launching an On-Demand Dog Walking Business

Understanding the potential drawbacks and issues you may run into with an on-demand dog walking business is highly advisable before investing your own money or registering your official business. Some of the cons of launching an on-demand dog walking business to keep in mind throughout the planning process include:

The Logistics of Hiring New Employees

Expanding your on-demand dog walking business requires the ability to manage the logistics of hiring new employees. If you have plans to grow and expand your dog walking business with new employees, it is essential to understand all aspects of managing a traditional business with employees and proper insurance. Managing risk and liability insurance, payroll, and taxes are all part of growing an expanding on-demand dog business.

Consider whether you plan to hire employees as full-time staff members or if you are interested in working with contractors using an on-demand dog walking app you have developed. What is required of individuals who are interested in working for your business? How often do you plan to pay those who are providing the services you offer to those in need? Do your prospective employees require extensive training or a background that involves working with animals or within the hospitality industry?


Always keep potential competition in mind when launching an on-demand dog walking business. Ensuring your dog walking business provides a unique service or one that stands out from the competition is essential to keep up with generating new clients and retaining loyal users who provide referrals and continued success.

Web and App Development Costs

Launching an on-demand dog walking business is possible in local areas, but as you continue to expand regionally, you may feel the need to develop an online presence while launching an official app. Consider the costs of developing an official website to present your services to those who are seeking the help of dog walking professionals. If you are developing an official app for your company it is important to calculate the cost of development along with management of the app as you continue to scale.

Security and Privacy Concerns When Creating an Online Presence

Managing applications and websites require high-end servers that provide safe and secure environments, especially for companies that are rapidly expanding. With the rise in data breaches and hacks, ensuring the safety and security of your website and app is imperative to attract prospective clients while maintaining the loyalty of your current users. Security and privacy are two of the most important elements of managing a successful on-demand business, especially once you have created an official website and downloadable app for your services. When users do not feel that a company is safe and secure, they are less likely to download, use, or refer the service to others they know.

Expansion and Scalability Issues

When you get involved with an on-demand dog walking business that is wildly successful, you are likely to begin considering the opportunity to expand and scale. If you are thinking of scaling your business, keep in mind potential costs of investing in new servers and an entire IT team to manage the privacy and security of your website as the page views, downloads, and the number of visitors you receive continues to spike.

When you have a complete understanding of how to start a dog walking business, create a business plan that is suitable for the customers you want to reach and the type of services you plan to provide. With the right plan of action in place, feel confident in the decisions you make regarding the launch and growth of your on-demand dog walking business.

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