End of Lease Cleaning: DIY and Expert Tips for Your Melbourne Home

frqwfqwrfqwIn 2017, Melbourne was tagged as the world’s most liveable city by The Economist for the seventh year consecutively. It is known for being one of the cleanest and greenest cities in the world.

As per the Australian Bureau of Statistics, since 2006, Australia’s population has increased by 3.8 million people. An area with a steady growth in population has given birth to the need for more residential and commercial rental properties in Melbourne. Considering the earning and expenses, people in Melbourne are choosing to stay on rent rather than buying a house.

But when it’s that time of the year again and you just need to vacate your rental property in Melbourne, it’s usually expected to be left in the clean state. So, when your lease is up and you are moving out of your rental home in Melbourne, it is your responsibility to clean the apartment. Not just it is the right thing to do, but it is the way to impress your landlord and get the bond money back.

Here are the few do-it-yourself tips to consider when you need end of lease cleaning:

  1. Top to bottom: Always choose to clean the area from top to bottom. For example. If you are cleaning from the ceiling to the floor, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the floor twice.
  2. Clean after vacating: It is not preferable to start your end of lease cleaning until you are completely moved out, as performing cleaning around the household items becomes messy.
  3. Clean door frames: Don’t forget to clean all of the door frames as it can be one of the dirtiest areas of the home.
  4. Fixtures and Tiles: While cleaning the bathroom, clean the fixtures and the tile as they impact the entire appearance of the bathroom.
  5. Clean baseboards: Wipe the baseboards as they are covered with dirt and debris
  6. Empty and clean cupboards: Ensure that all your cupboards are empty completely. It is not your landlord’s responsibility to get rid of your old stuff. After you have emptied your cupboard, wipe the insides drawers.
  7. Degrease appliances: It is essential to clean and degrease all your appliances. As it should remain in the same condition that they were in when you moved in.
  8. Kitchen walls: Your kitchen walls might be dirty around your appliances. You should wipe down all of the kitchen walls to ensure that no grease or grime is left behind.
  9. Dispose of everything: Make sure to take everything from the rental property before you move out. There are chances that your landlord can charge you to dispose of your unwanted furniture which is left behind. And this cost can be taken from your security deposit.
  10. Final inspection: Last but not the least, before you leave your rental property for the last time, do a final inspection. Ensure that everything from your side is done perfectly and your property looks good before you walk out of the home.

But, if your daily work schedule is hectic that you don’t have time and energy to do the final cleanup, then you can consider the professional end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

End of Lease Cleaning – Best Time-Saving Cleaning Service for Melbournians!

According to a survey carried out by the national association of tenant organisation in Melbourne, Australia, 34% of individuals living in Western Australia are going through the highest rate of disputes over cleanliness when vacating. Nobody likes to spend their time in such tedious task and it might result in security deposit being held up.

Such homeowners in Melbourne are increasingly taking the advantage of the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne.

Hiring end of lease cleaning professionals in Melbourne is a smart way to save time, money and energy. One of the best parts of the end of lease cleaning is the assurance of getting your full bond amount back.

What Can You Expect From a Professional End of Lease Cleaning Service?

  • They have fully trained and experienced cleaners that have thorough knowledge regarding end of lease cleaning
  • You will have the certainty of getting your bond money back
  • Save your cleaning time and effort
  • Spotless results using latest cleaning technology and equipment

Find the Right End of Lease Cleaning Service Providers in Melbourne

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