5 Technology Must-Haves to Increase Your Business Productivity

There is no getting away from it, new technology has taken an active role in all of our everyday lives. The most interesting thing about that is that many of the innovations that have been created are now considered commonplace. Even if you do not consider yourself a ‘techie’ type in any way, you are likely already using some form of new technology this very moment.

New technology has been a huge benefit to the business world. The tools that have been introduced in recent years have not only increased communication, they have changed how business functions overall. From shipping and inventory control to time tracking and scheduling, new technology has increased productivity in the business world by streamlining processes.

1 – Time Management

The most essential ‘must-have’ for any business is actually a skill rather than a tool. That skill is ‘time management.’ Time management assists in setting goals, tracking time required and used to complete tasks and also assists in scheduling those tasks. With new technology becoming the norm in today’s business world, time management tools have been created to make this an easier part of the solution.

Ximble has a great software program that will assist in this part of the equation.Deputyis another software system that gives you the ability to manage multiple locations under one account and easily share schedules. Essentially, once you implement a way in which to manage and track the way in which time is used in the workplace, there is more productivity. Time management tools allow for task timing, better scheduling of priorities and an overall smoother workflow which benefits all concerned.

2 – Security Software

The world of business has changed in such a way that there are thieves pretty much everywhere. These crooks are not always on the outside of your business, either. This is why you require a strong security software program that keeps data within your computer system safe from any kind of cyber crime you can imagine. Online fraud and even ransomware are threats to avoid.

When you have your computers, servers and even wifi connections all locked down tight, you restrict the amount of access available to anyone. Even with the most up-to-date antivirus and anti malware programs you can still be at risk of a hacker getting into your personnel files. The tighter the security, the more difficult it is for someone to crack and create a problem. Software like Avast or Kaspersky might be of a great help!

3 – Backup Services

We can’t talk about security software without adding that you also need to protect your computer data with regular backups. Even if your system goes down as the result of a natural disaster or some other cause not related to cyber crime, your company may not be able to recover from the down time without proper backups of all systems, data and information stored onsite.

Backup services provide you with the ability to work through any kind of problem, including a computer system failure, and still be able to continue business with minimal down time. Backup services range from physical to cloud options that essentially store your data somewhere off site. The backups may be daily or monthly but they will keep your business running regardless.

4 – Smartphone/Tablet

Sure, you may not realize it, but mobile technology is still relatively new and as such, it plays a huge role in business and the productivity of workers. The main reason why mobile technology is so useful is that it enables us to do a lot of different things while on the move. Not only can your communicate through social media, mobile technology gives you access to the world.

In the work sense, having a smartphone or tablet not only gives you instant access to the office, but you can work remotely from your office. Even if all you do in your non-work hours is answer email, you can easily stay on top of tasks and orders through mobile technology. These reasons alone can contribute greatly to the productivity of anyone in your workplace.

5 – Video Camera

Okay, the video camera is not exactly new technology but the ways in which a camera system can fit into your overall business operation makes them invaluable tools for many reasons. They do a great job of providing security in and around the place of business and they give you a great view of what staff may or may not be doing while on the job working for you.

Video cameras also give you control over the flow of traffic in your business. You may find a number of visitors coming to your business and one way to track the traffic is to have video access. Plus, you can also use video cameras to record short messages to be broadcast on websites or through other means to promote products making your staff more productive.

In Conclusion

Productivity is what increases the viability of any business. It can be inspired in many different ways and once the office culture adopts the many different methods that inspire productivity, that business will thrive. However, in some office settings it is difficult to get to that point. Sometimes it requires the addition of outside tools that can engage staff and management.

New technology has made everything a little bit easier but that also presents many different challenges. In the office setting, building morale and giving employees more control over their work day can assist with productivity. However, it is with new technology where productivity can truly be increased. Working in a place where you are valued and part of a team helps to bring about that inspiration and keeps everybody working to the best of their ability.

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