Moving on Up The Legit Guide to Leveling Up Your Automobile

wfweFeLevelling up your automobile is one of the many complex and hard-going joys of life.

In front of you lies a long, dark tunnel full of paperwork and money and licensing and other boring, repetitive things, but the light at the end of that tunnel is a new car, complete with new car smell and the distinct advantage of not being your current car. Selling your old car is as easy as chatting to Cars and Co’s car buying agent, but buying a new one is a whole different series of challenges.

What You Need v.s What You Want

This is a problem for a lot of people.

They get in their minds an image of a car that is sporty and sleek and cool and powerful, but the reality is that that isn’t a viable option for most people, and not just because of cost either. Sometimes you need a back seat, or boot space, or room for four other people in your car, and a sleek and sporty convertible won’t make that happen. Figuring out what you need in a car versus what you want in a car, and recognising the differences is the first step toward pinpointing the right car for you.

Used or New?

It’s always a tough choice, to decide whether or not to get a new car or a used one.

There are obvious price-related benefits to getting a used car, and reliability benefits to getting a new car. Your new car might cost twice as much as your secondhand car, but it probably also has a warranty and is made top-to-tail of new parts. Find out as much as you can about the car you’re looking at, including service history where possible, and make an informed decision.

Red Flags to Watch Out For

Things to look out for in cars new and old alike are always useful to know. If a car is brand new, surely it won’t have any problems with it, right? Wrong. Look up the make and model of the car, as well as the year, and see if any news articles jump out at you.

Most likely, there will be an article detailing mass recalls if there are any major problems with your chosen make and model, which are the main red flags for new cars. For used cars, red flags can be large periods without service histories, differently coloured outer panels, or a lack of VIN number on the chassis, all of which can indicate damage or, in the latter case, a stolen vehicle.

Shopping Around

Going to a few different places to look for your car upgrade will be beneficial, because it will allow you to compare a range of vehicles in a number of different conditions. Getting an idea of what your dollar can buy gives you a better notion of what quality of car you can afford, and means you don’t walk into a potentially bad deal in the first car yard you walk into.

Safety Features

Safety features are hugely important in any and every car.

Avoiding cars without airbags and ABS is a good idea, because those things are both so effective at saving lives in car accidents that they have become standard in all modern and new cars. Getting a car with more safety features means that in the time you need them most, you will be covered. You never lose when you opt for more safety, no matter the cost.

Levelling up your car is easy when you know what red flags to look for, what deals to hunt down and, most importantly, what cars to look for.

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