Why You Should Connect a Bullbar to Your Car

imaeIf you are someone that enjoys the thrill of driving off road, i.e. through woods, rocky roads or any other impacting terrain, you will notice how much damage can be done to the front of your car. This is a common problem for truck and SUV drivers, where the love of driving on stony or muddy tracks has to be balanced with the lasting marks driving off road can leave on your car.

Luckily there is a solution, which involves attaching a Bullbar to your car. The bullbar is displayed in the picture below, and essentially prevents passengers from any damage encountered by collisions with the front end of the car, including those with animals, and protects your car. Despite protection being the main reason for including a bullbar, there are plenty of other reasons why it’s a good idea to do so.

Though this has already been touched on, this is the main reason for installing a bullbar on your car. The bar will effectively protect the car and prevent any costly marks and dents which can be left by animals, trees, or any other objects which come into contact with the car, also providing further protection in low speed accidents.

A convenient side effect of the bullbar is the dose of attitude it brings to proceedings. The bullbar will certainly get you recognised on the road, and it really does enhance the masculinity of your car. Bullbars can help you gain credibility on the road, and can quite nicely enhance the features of your car.

A Range Rover for example with a bullbar looks the business, like it’s ready for action. Without the bullbar not only is it unprotected, but it looks unprotected too, not like it’s ready to go out and do battle on the mean streets! As a stylish enhancement for your car, the bullbar is a great accessory to add the macho element to your vehicle.

Improved Versatility
Bullbars are versatile, where often it is also possible to mount lights onto your bar. These could be fog lights, auxiliary lights or driving lights, the flexibility of the bullbar allows you to attach lights of your choice. This brings us to the important decisions to be made when purchasing a bullbar.

There are various decisions to make and bullbars to choose from, with questions such as which colour bullbar do I want, what extra accessories will I add to it, what style should I go with, etcetera. It is important to understand the purpose for choosing the bullbar, whether it’s predominantly for protection or image. If you are interested in enhancing the look of your car, then the strength of the bullbar is less important.

Overall the versatile nature of bullbars mean you can practically buy any one you desire and kit it out as you see fit. If you find a very sturdy bullbar, you can always jazz it up to make it appear more stylish, but bullbars won’t be manufactured not to serve their number one purpose for protection.

Overall the bullbar provides an aggressive stance as a highly recommended feature.

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