The Most Common Faults In Modern Cars

Faults In Modern CarsOwning a car comes along with responsibilities you can’t avoid, and the worst thing is, it will cost you money. This is a standard expectation for all car owners who plan to keep their vehicles up on the road, running in good condition. On the other hand, even the most impeccably maintained/serviced vehicles will experience flaws at some point. Therefore, the following points highlight common faults in modern cars as reported by most autocentres in the UK. Knowing the most common problems will allow you to price up for repairs and have enough in your bank to cover the repairs, leaving you less time off the road!

1 Battery Problems

Most Modern cars feature alarms that alert car owners when their headlights or other functional units are on. Even a brand new car is prone to breaking down in the middle of nowhere due to a flat battery. Up to date, technology has only improved efficiency on fuel consumption, but not battery power consumption/operation. And because of winter seasons experienced in the UK, batteries often work too hard, and the possibility of going flat is high.

A good idea is that vehicle owners carry an independent battery charger to save having to enlist the help of another car owner to let them jump-start their cars. Car’s battery checked at the garage and if you get this checked when you have your vehicle serviced, chances are you'll avoid any issues.

2 Fuel Issues

Car owners often report problems related to blocked fuel lines. Usually, this happens when a car is left unused for a long period of time. However, this is a minor problem as it can be solved by regularly starting the engine when a car is not active on the road. It's best to let the motor run regularly for a short ride though, to avoid these problems continuing.

3 Electrical Faults

According to a survey carried out in the UK by Warranty Direct, electrical faults in cars account for 27% of all car malfunctions each year. Because modern cars consist of countless electrical components, it only makes sense to find electrical issues a major challenge in modern cars. They range from blown up fuses on the dashboard, to failed ignitions and so forth. This is mostly due to dust accumulating on metal contact points.

The engine light may go on and refuse to go off. If this happens, it’s a warning that your car’s computer has detected some malfunction within the emission system. To detect this problem, most good autocentres, Mr Clutch have a special diagnostic scanner that they can use on your vehicle. This light is also triggered by other minor problems. Regular servicing of your vehicle can help to fix most problems before they get too serious.

4 Bad Serpentine Belt

This is a problem you cannot fix on your own, though it’s common on modern cars that don’t get serviced quite regularly. Cars tend to make squeaking or squealing noises when faced with this problem. It will most likely make you pull over and get it fixed. Again, the simple solution is to ensure your car is serviced regularly at a good autocentre.

5 Worn Out Brakes

Worn down brake pads are a common problem that affects car owners, and that’s due to the fact that stones and debris find their way into the pads to make them inefficient. As a result, this will cause a loud noise when applying the brakes and you'll find the brakes less responsive. This is a serious sign you need to get resolved so book your car in at a local autocentre for repair.

These are just a few of the most common faults, but there are a variety of problems affecting cars today. To minimize their impact on your car, its best practice to service your car regularly.

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