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Innovations in GPS tracking and Fleet management

Global Positioning System (GPS) may be a space-based satellite navigation system [it's a system of satellites that give autonomous geo-spatial positioning with international coverage. It permits tiny electronic receivers to see their location (longitude, latitude, and altitude) to high exactness (within a couple of meters) exploitation time signals transmitted on a line of sight by radio from satellites. The signals additionally permit the electronic receivers to calculate the current time to high exactness that permits time synching. As it covers all over the globe so it is termed as a worldwide navigation satellite system (GNSS)] that has location and time info altogether climate, anyplace on or close to the world wherever there’s associate degree unclogged line of sight to four or additional GPS satellites. The GPS device is that local people can buy decipher this information so one will verify their GPS coordinates, or location (along with an impression and the time). And GPS tracking works by recording the location of the device so that one can get the information about at what co-ordinates it is located (or has been).

Now-a-days GPS tracking has become a lot of common and used in a range of deployments. Vehicle tracking may be a nice example as several deliveries, installation, and packaging corporations have a requirement to visualize wherever their trucks are placed at a given time. We currently have the flexibility to use this same technology on a private level and therefore the ideas are unlimited: tracking vehicles, pets, children, equipment, boats, cargo, motorcycles, assets, valuables, elderly, planes, Recreational vehicles, ATV's (all-terrain vehicle), or trucks. If it can move, it can be tracked!

There are two types of GPS tracking devices on the market. First one can be said as “Historical GPS” tracking devices. These units are similar to a simple GPS device; however, they have a built in recorder for recording the location of the device (at certain intervals). So, one could place a Historical GPS tracking unit on top of a vehicle, wait for its return, remove the GPS tracking unit, and then analyze the data to see where the device has been, how long it was stationary at its different locations, how fast it traveled etc. These units are usually lower in cost and require no monthly fees.

Second type of GPS devices are “Real Time GPS” tracking units. It allows us to see the location of the tracking device instantly. Instead of having a recording device like the old one, they have a built in transmitter which sends the GPS location information back time to time to a central computer. You can login to a main computer and track the GPS device from which it is connected in real time. Data is being sent back over the cellular phone network. That's why service fees are required with Real Time GPS tracking devices on monthly basis. Just like one cell phone, limitations are similar to a real time GPS tracking unit. If there is no cellular service, then it is not able to send information back to you. You can ask the cellular service provider which is providing service to the GPS device you’re looking at. Based on this information, you can go to their website and look up the coverage maps.

There is a term called as Fleet Management, which refers to managing and taking care of every aspect of a company’s vehicle fleet. This is particularly prevalent and important in businesses and organizations that rely heavily on transport, especially their own for daily functioning. Almost all companies with a fleet use these basic services Insurance Vehicle, Financing or Funding and Maintenance. It also provides driver management services in which it specifics speed and fuel management to ensure its safety and optimize the economy of that vehicle.

Vehicle Insurance
Insurance is an unsaid mandate for every vehicle, especially in a fleet as they are on the constant run and the risk of an accident of other mishaps is high

GAP Insurance
This is like regular insurance where compensation can be claimed in case of a loss or theft with the one fundamental difference that it is done for vehicles that have an outstanding finance. Since the value of the vehicle decreases over time, quickly at first and slower later on, GAP Insurance aims to bridge the ‘gap’ between the two amounts. In order to adhere to the rules and laws of the road, this insurance doesn’t cover damages or accidents that occur due to driving under influence and this is entirely justified.

Vehicle Funding
Even for an organization that is doing well, purchasing a fleet is a rather large investment and not many will have the opportunity to spend from their own reserves. Since it is usually a profitable investment, there are several institutions and benefactors who readily contribute.

Accident Management
Accident management implies exerting every possible effort to ensure the company’s fleet is driven safely and in the unfortunate event of an accident, handling the situation. With accident management on your side, there is a possibility of efficiently repairing or replacing the vehicle.

Vehicle Maintenance
Most crucial service of a fleet management is its vehicular maintenance. Right from tires and brakes to the whole body, everything is taken care of by the fleet. One of the most cost reducing advantages of a total fleet management service.

GPS Vehicle Tracking and fleet management helps you in many ways:
• It helps you to manage the maintenance of your fleet with greater ease.
• It helps you in protecting your vehicles against theft and finds them in no time if stolen.
• It also monitors driving habits of drivers for the betterment of your vehicle services by saving fuel, costs and time.
• It manages vehicles for up to a greater level of efficiency for their longer life and also indicates when your fleet needs to be serviced or change of oil is to be done.
• By tracking all the movements of every vehicle in which they are installed it maintains a full history on the movements of every vehicle.

In this present situation GPS as well as Fleet management services implementing simply makes good financial sense. These applications open up opportunities to significantly reduce transportation and personnel costs. It also has the potential to improve an organization’s risk profile. AT&D provides GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management software solutions by putting you in the driver’s seat of your vehicle and giving you access to real-time information that takes the guesswork out of managing your business on the road. You can see fleet management software here on YouTube . For your vehicle safety it plays an important role by using new technology.

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