Car parts that can be recycled or reused

Did you know there are certain parts of your car that can be recycled and reused? Before giving away your car to the junkyard, consider putting these components to better use. Also, in case you want a car part to be replaced, give it away for recycling if it can be recycled.


Vehicle recycling involves the dismantling of vehicles for the spare parts. There are a good number of reasons to opt for car recycling. While it helps to save the environment, this can also be useful in getting the best value for your damaged car. In the vehicle recycling process, any part of the car that can be recycled instead of ending up in landfill is given away for recycling. The process of recycling is a bit complex but if you are able to find good car wreckers, you can be rest assured that they will carry out the work efficiently. Also, they will ensure that the hazardous waste is handled properly and it doesn’t severely impact the environment or pose any threat to life. Do you want to find out what car parts are eligible for recycling or reuse?

Having spoken to one of the Auckland-based wreckers, we tried to find out what all parts can be put to use again instead of being thrown away. Given below is a list of car parts that can be recycled or reused:


Burning tyres can create a nuisance since it results in heavy pollution which can be harmful to the environment as well as the health of people. Tyres can be recycled and even reused. You can take the used tyres to a dealer or to a recycling center. Also, when you are giving away your car to the car removal service, it is best to sell off the tyres, replace them with old ones before doing so. It is a better bargain.

Mats and Carpets

Carpets too can be recycled. Find out a recycling center near you that accepts mats and carpets.

Water pumps

Water pumps shouldn’t be thrown away. Many dealers take broken or used water pumps which can be used to pay for the deposit later when you buy a new car part.


Since they can be easily recycled, they should never end up in waste. Another major reason for them not ending in a landfill is that they contain toxic chemicals which can pollute the environment in the form of water, air or soil pollution. Also, it is illegal to discard car batteries with the general waste.

Engine Oil

If you dispose the engine oil in the wrong manner, it can mix with water or soil and cause pollution. Engine oil usually only gets contaminated with impurities. You can take it to a collection center where they can clean it and reuse the same.

Auto Glass

Since the technology has evolved, there is a scope for recycling the auto glass as well. In case your windshield is broken, find out if there is a way it can be recycled. It would be better to put it to recycling than having it land up in a landfill.

Scrap metal

The various aluminum components and other scrap metals from damaged cars can be given away to scrap metal yards. They will melt down the scrap metal and use it form something useful.


They can be reused if they are in a good condition. We aren’t talking about seat belts, no.


Since there are certain parts that can be reused or recycled, it is best to take an environmentally friendly approach to getting rid of such kind of waste. Recycling and reusing are steps that help in saving the environment by significantly bringing down the waste that is produced.

Recycling can even help in providing a good amount of steel for producing new automobiles. So what are you waiting for? Recycle your vehicle.

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