How To Clean the Inside of a Motorcycle Helmet

Keeping up appearances is not enough. The outside is not always what matters most. Your helmet may be shiny on the outside, but it should also be on the inside. We explain how to clean the inside of a helmet. Your lid can start to take on some funky smells. Whether you’re a weekend street cruiser or a diehard motocross rider, there comes a time when your helmet needs a good, thorough cleaning. Don’t just wipe off your face shield and keep riding, but learn how to clean the inside of cruiser helmets with Bluetooth capability and other types of motorcycle helmets.

Remove Any Electronics

The most important step is to remove any electronics. Bluetooth speakers, microphones and other components can be damaged with water and soap, so be sure to set them aside as you get to work. The worst thing you can do after investing in the latest speakers is to ruin them in a sink full of water.

Check your owner’s manuals for your electronics to see how to clean them. Some you can wipe off with a rag, but others are best left exactly the way they are. Even water-resistant electronics may become damaged with intense rinsing and washing, so don’t throw them in your sink until you know how the manufacturer recommends cleaning them.

Check for Removable Liner or Pads

Look for any hook-and-loop, snap or magnet connectors holding your cheek pads, liner and other internal components in your helmet. Pull them all out and set your lid aside for external cleaning. Focus on all the removable pads to cut the stench of your helmet.

Most cruiser full-face helmets have removable cheek pads to keep you comfortable and make cleaning easy. If your pads aren’t removable, you’ll need to gently wipe them off with a damaged cloth. Whatever you do, don’t submerge your whole helmet to clean the inside. It’s best to deal with the inside and outside at separate steps to be sure everything gets cleaned, dried and is ready for your next ride.

Don’t Use Harsh Cleaners

Even extreme scents don’t need extreme cleaners. Don’t overdo it with bleach or other harsh chemicals. All you need to wash up the inside components of your helmet are warm water, baby shampoo and a rag. Harsh chemicals can damage the foam or material and compromise your padding. To avoid problems of bad odors and bacteria it is necessary that the inside of your helmet be clean, so it is recommended that this cleaning be done on a regular basis. It will be enough for you to carry out this action once every three months. In this way, you will also be able to extend the life of this accessory, especially if it is a custom or special helmet.

Wash Liners and Pads

Wash your interior pieces just like your dirty dishes. Fill up a sink with warm, soapy water and massage them with a clean cloth. Be sure to rinse them off thoroughly and let them dry before popping them back in your helmet. The pads can also be removed, so to clean them you only need to prepare a bucket with warm water and some neutral soap or detergent. Dip them inside and rub them carefully to avoid damaging them. You should always do it by hand since the use of the washing machine will cause them to lose consistency and shape.

Let Them Dry

All your interior padding components need to be completely dry before you slide them back into your helmet. Otherwise, you’ll end up with that same moist, wet dog smell. Even worse, you may have damp cheek pads when you slide your helmet on for a big race. Once they are clean, rinse them, drain them and let them dry in the open air and in the shade. Check that they have no moisture and put them back inside the helmet. Assemble all the elements again and you can use it again.

Install Your Liners

Be sure that the snap, magnet or other connector is firmly in place before you try on your helmet. Check to be sure all your pads are lined up and comfortable. Enjoy a clean, odor-free helmet for your next big race or week-long ride. Get to know more about your helmet by brushing up on motorcycle helmet safety ratings and finding the best lid for your ride by shopping online.

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