Armored Cars vs. Armor Piercing Round

Armored cars are basically those cars which have been specially designed in order to provide serious protection to important personalities sitting inside. The president's car, sports cars and cars of high officials are all, armored cars. These cars are generally very expensive, for obvious reasons. A lot of varied technologies are assembled within so hat protection from every nook and corner can be provided.

How especially are they designed?

The car requires to be stripped down to the frame, so that the armor can be fit into its various parts. Along with the sides and body, armors are also installed in the floors, so that they can be protected from grenades and I.E.D. The roof is also protected from any attacks like bullet shots. The door hinges and side pillars are installed of the best quality, so that the weight of the added steel can be managed easily. Also, thick bullet resistant glasses are also provided in the doors.

While making a particular armored car, the first thing that is needed to be considered is the protection level. The threat that a car may face, determines the technology to be used in order to make them complete threat-proof. The protection of the armored cars is determined by American and European ballistics. The classifications in case of American ballistics include the levels of I-IIA-II-IIIA-III-IV-IV+. European ballistics are like B2-B3-B4-B5-B6-B7-B7+.

Armor piercing rounds in the likes of 7.62 X 51 AP rounds, fired from an AK-47; one requires B7 or level IV protection to deter them. Armor piercing rounds are basically a type of shell, which has a highly explosive effect and also the capability pierce armor. They are generally used to blast off and clear a path. Thus, body armor, vehicle armor, tanks, concrete and other defenses. Its various components include depleted uranium penetrator, hardened steel and tungsten carbide. But, the penetrator is generally made up of a softer material like aluminum or copper.

How do the technicians require working on them?

Only highly skilled mechanics are hired for manufacturing and developing these cars. It is because, only an experienced craftsman can make a ten times thicker glass, fit into the window, can yet look like a normal one. It is definitely not cheesecake, to strip a car of its original frame, rebuilt it with new parts and makes it look more glamorous then its original version. Therefore, the top vehicle companies require ensuring that an armored car should be able to provide the top level protection, along with the sufficing it with the right finish.

The armor piercing rounds are made of steel and tungsten, in case of pistol and rifle. Depleted uranium is used for the tank and aircraft rounds. While piercing the tank, they create a dust which can kill the entire tank crew, while the tank goes up in flames, during an anti-tank warfare.

What are the remarkable features of these cars?

  • Three inch thick bullet resistant glass, fitted on the windows and windscreen.
  • The highest level of security is guaranteed by this car. The most important part of manufacturing these vehicles is to protect them from armor piercing rounds. Thus, bullets and grenades cannot damage these cars, at any cost.

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