6 Must-Have Car Accessories for all the Geeks Out there

toyota car accessories 4Some car accessories are necessary while some are not necessary but can make a car look appealing. Accessories are often categorized in terms of which segment of users they suit. Such categories include accessories for women, accessories for nerds, accessories for teenagers, etc.

In this article, I'll talk about the must-have accessories for geeks. Private number plates or steering wheels don't qualify as accessories in the strict sense as they are primarily requirements, not for fancy purpose.

On the other hand, accessories are optional. The first one in this list, and one of my personal favorite too, is

USB car charger

The device might look like a little toy, but comes with diverse capabilities. A state-of-the-art charger is easy to carry and even easier to place in your car's cupholder. The charger comes with two USB charging ports. The device harnesses the power that's used to run the car and uses it to power up Smartphone, Laptop, Tablet or Phablet. A car charger costs around £26. If you have a USB 3.0-only device, you may have to buy a charger from a brand like Samsung or Verizon Wireless. Don't go for device specific chargers.

Custom car sunshade

Geeks prefer customisation because they are full of ideas, they want to see those ideas implemented. When it comes to car sunshades, geeks want them to have custom logos and messages. If you have a business, then it makes even more sense for you to go for a car front sunshade. The sunshade can carry a logo or a punchline that sums up the theme of your business.

Of course age has a lot to do with the selection of sunshades. Teens will go for a shades that have the names or pictures of their favorite pop artists engraved on them whereas aged people will go for durable shades. Alongside windshield, roller shades for windows are also a type of accessories that make a car geekier.

LED sign

Not just for geeks, the LED sign is a must-have accessory for the non-geeks as well. The LED sign makes a car look trendy and high-tech. In short, it adds a personality to a car. You car cannot speak, can it? So it's your job to make it speak, and the LED sign can do you a favor. Some LED signs display emoticons, whereas some other signs display texts. The LED sign is an excellent way to communicate with other cars on the road.

Symbols such as open palm or hands raised mean you are thanking the driver of another vehicle. A turnback symbol or a give-way symbol expresses the message loud and clear to other vehicles. When driving on the highways, LED sign can save your life as a large trailer-truck may not see you in the night, and the LED sign may inform its driver that you are driving in the truck's blind spot.

It's geeky enough, isn't it?

Custom floor mats

There's a slew of all-weather custom floor mats, which he can choose from. Such mats prevent dirt and debris to infiltrate the car's floor. Geeks love customization. When it comes to choosing a floor mat for his car, a geek would prefer a custom floor mat.

The great thing about such a floor mat is it reflects the driver's passion as well as profession. Some mats have popular movie scenes and cult figures inscribed on them. Geeks love to put them on their car floors. Nevertheless, they need to make sure the mats can be easily removed whenever they need to clean their cars. If you want to know how to clean your car floor mat, click here.

Car speakers

Another favorite gizmo of the geek community. A car speaker is a must-have accessory for everyone, who drives a four-wheeler. I advise you to buy branded speakers because they come with extended warranty periods. A premium speaker may cost you around £64, but it comes with features galore such as comprehensive pre-installation and post-installation checklists, speaker phasing verification, functionality demonstration, reinstalling door panels and speaker grills, etc.

Car window decals

The decals qualify as accessories. You can make your car look satanic or turn it into the chariots of the gods by sticking decals to its windows. Geeks are fond of computer games, and often stick their favorite GTA or Call of Duty characters. If you aspire to be a prankster, stick a critical hit decal. If you want to spook other drivers on the road, stick ghost handprints. Don't forget the rear window as it's a great place to experiment.

While personal number plates are both requirements and accessories, decals, speakers and car chargers are only to make your car look geekier. So if you are a geek, start to shop around for them.

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