4 Reasons Why Suspension Systems Are Important

We all use cars in our everyday lives. Some people use them to go to work, others love traveling with them, whereas some love to pack their bags and go on an off-road adventure. An important thing though is that all of these vehicles share specific suspension systems. It is simply one of those parts that we all know about, but are not sure what its purpose really is.

Let’s dig into some of the important reasons why this car part is so important.

A safe and comfortable ride

The most important thing in traffic is safety. At high speeds, a single mistake can severely endanger your life, and having a great suspension system is very important in this regard. Actually, if there was no suspension system, it would be practically impossible to drive a vehicle.

The role of the suspension system is to absorb any sustained shock during the drive. So, when you hit a bump, the system relies on a set of coils, springs, and shock absorbers, to keep the vehicle from bouncing. Additionally, when you are making a turn, it is the suspension system’s obligation to keep the car on the road, by distributing the vehicle’s weight evenly.

Without the suspension system, it would be impossible to drive a car.

It takes care of the other car parts


Suspension is also important because it reduces the stress on other vehicle parts. For example, through keeping the vehicle’s balance optimized, the tire wear is the same on all four wheels.

However, during our drive, hitting a bump might cause damage to the suspension system, making it unaligned. This is a serious type of damage that should be fixed as soon as possible, as it leads to greater damage, leading to higher repair costs. Therefore, make sure to visit your mechanic after a bigger bump on the road, just to check if no damage was made to the suspension system.

Commercial vehicle use

One of the industries where suspension systems play an important role is the transport industry. Without a top notch suspension system, it would be impossible for trucks to carry a lot of weight. This is very important for the whole world. Special truck suspension systems make it possible to carry immense amounts of weight.

Great off-road experience


Off-road driving is a hobby for millions of people around the globe. Without appropriate suspension systems, this would be practically impossible to achieve. Those who are into this type of hobby are well aware of the reasons why suspension systems play an important role, especially 4×4 suspension systems, which are capable of redistributing the engine’s power to a single wheel.

Usually though, factory-made suspension kits are not good for these driving conditions, which is why many hobbyists decide to rely on aftermarket suspension parts. These are some of the reasons why aftermarket suspension parts are better than the OEMs.

  • Better clearance – Clearance is a very important thing for those who love taking their vehicles off-road. It is important in situations that include uneven terrains.
  • More durability – OEM suspension systems are designed for multiple purposes. They are great for regular roads, however, once you decide to go off-road, you will cause a lot of damage to the suspension, as it was not actually designed for those conditions. However, with aftermarket suspension systems, you are looking at something that is specifically designed for off-road conditions, meaning that the quality of these parts ensures higher durability of the entire system.
  • Flexibility – A very practical feature that some suspension systems come with is flexibility. With only a couple of steps, the vehicle owner can change the height of their vehicle for different conditions. So, if he or she wants to drive on a regular road, the suspension system’s shock absorbers can lower the vehicle closer to the ground, whereas, when an off-road session is about to start, he or she can easily adjust the height for better off-road performance.

These features are not present on the OEM suspension systems, as big manufacturers are looking for ways to lower production costs, keeping the suspension systems applicable for a single purpose, and that is asphalt.

These are the most important reasons why suspension systems are very important. So, next time you hit a bump, you can thank your suspension systems for keeping you on the road.

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