Techniques for Making Your Trade Show Stand Out

An immersive, tactile experience can help attendees better understand your mission and value prop. However, you must stay moderate with textures, as this can make your booth look cluttered and disorienting. In addition to graphics, consider using a large flat-screen TV or projector to display your company’s video. It will grab attention and draw people in.

Make It Interactive

Most booths tell their story at a glance but don’t engage attendees. Adding interactive elements to your booth can keep attendees at your space longer and make you stand out. Interactive features can include giveaways, games and activities that align with your brand’s personality. It could be anything from photo booths to real-time surveys and virtual reality masks. These tools can also capture data from your attendees, which can be used to target your marketing efforts better. Having an interactive game can be less invasive than a scanner, so it’s more likely to catch attendees’ attention and increase their likelihood of giving you their business card.

Have Fun

Even though trade shows are geared towards creating customer relationships, obtaining leads and improving sales, this doesn’t mean they can’t be fun. Adding playful elements to your booth design makes it easy to draw attendees into your booth and keep them there longer. Hiring booth design companies can help you with this. Whether it’s a costumed mascot or live music, having entertainment will set your booth apart and leave a positive impression on prospects. Video is also an effective way to engage prospects. Use your outreach campaigns to get your chances involved before the show starts – for example, letting them vote on what swag they want you to bring to the event. It builds suspense and keeps them returning to your booth for the surprise.

Have a Giveaway

Many trade show attendees look for free swag to help them remember the booth they visited. These giveaway items can range from simple conveniences, like keychain bottle openers and branded bags, to more fun and quirky things, such as VR masks and food samples. The most memorable giveaways are those that are highly targeted to your audience. For example, a t-shirt with a fun slogan is more effective than a generic pen or USB drive. You can also have a unique and interesting giveaway without exceeding your budget. For instance, running a raffle with a skill-based challenge or a scavenger hunt is an affordable way to draw people into your booth. You can even use an email outreach campaign with the aid of Carlos A Espitia to promote the giveaway beforehand.

Have a Mascot

Amid many booths promoting the same thing, attendees can easily lose interest and wander by without stopping. Having a custom mascot is an excellent way to grab the attention of attendees and distinguish your brand from others. They look fun, and people are almost guaranteed to snap a photo with them and share it on social media. Plus, they can help keep guests engaged while your reps are busy attending to other visitors. Giveaways are a great way to attract customers, but make sure they’re something your audience will use (or want). It could include a free trial of your software or program, valuable content for your target demographic, or anything else that will add value.

Have a Skill Contest

Making your booth stand out in the crowded sea of exhibitors can be difficult. Pens and stress balls won’t do the trick – you need a stunt that will draw attention and get attendees talking about your brand. Contests of skill are a great way to attract visitors. Depending on your brand and spending capacity, they may be straightforward or elaborate. Contests can also be a fun way to gather leads by collecting email addresses. If you have a small booth, you may need help to set up multiple interactive kiosks or a video wall. But that doesn’t mean you can’t cleverly use technology. Consider using virtual reality to give attendees a genuinely immersive booth experience. It’s a surefire way to grab their attention and make them remember your brand.

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