How to Market Your New Physical Retail Store Effectively

It is easy to feel that because you are dealing in popular and demand products, you do not have to market your new physical retail store. That is until you start running down weeks with little or perhaps even no sales while the store next door cannot seem to rest.

Successful retailers will, however, tell you that regardless of the products, size or location of your business, only marketing will attract customers. So how do you market your new physical retail store effectively?

Advertise your store

Advertising your store using print material is as effective to in-store customers as digital channel ads are to customers of online stores. To market your new physical store effectively, design and place adverts in the local newspaper promoting your products and upcoming sales. Supplement those with brochures that you physically circulate.

Do not worry about how to design your ad or if it will be costly. Catdi offers direct mail, graphics and design services and also a handy Direct Mail Calculator to keep your budget in control. With, you can create and print custom ads that you can use with different promotional materials, including business cards, flyers and postcards of different sizes.

Optimize your product displays

Your retail store is new in a place with several other established retail stores to which customers are already accustomed. How do you get customers headed over to a favorite store next building to stop by and check out yours?

The answer lies in how well you display your products. Make use of your windows and sidewalks to display the best samples of your store products. To optimize your display, ensure to balance your merchandise well in terms of height, colors and variety. Prioritize quality over quantity, and complement them with a sidewalk board that catches the eye of passersby.

Keep and update inventory information online

Even customers who shop in physical stores usually resort to the internet for some information, such as directions to the store, phone contact information and your store’s new product listings. This is critical if your product categories are unique to physical stores. You need to bring them to the attention of online traffic.

Most consumers today prefer to shop both online and in physical stores, depending on their convenience. Online inventory is therefore critical because undecided customers will not bother to walk to your store, unless they are sure that they will find the item they want.

Build a social media presence

The power of social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to give your new physical retail store traction is massive. Social media facilitates easy contact, fast and convenient communication, allowing you to apply your personal touch and to build connections that make potential customers want to visit your store in person.

Make use of your social media presence to drop in a teaser or two about an upcoming sale routinely to entice and keep potential customers expectant. You can take further steps to post photos of new and popular products and indeed invite people for in-store visits.

Create a unique shopping experience

Your physical retail store is entering a congested and very competitive market for a share of customers who already have established stores to which they subscribe. You want to make sure that if perhaps for some reason, or even for visit sake, they stop by your store, they can linger around longer and return another time, and maybe always!

Only a shopping experience that is unique to your store can make that happen. Keep your store tidy, clean and well attended by friendly and welcoming clerks who make customers feel special and cherished.

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