How To Make Your Brand’s Swag Hats Uniquely You

First off, hats off. Yes, for you wanting to top off your business with some brand swag and promotions. With just a few stellar headwear, you can get thousands of impressions for your brand for many months on top of extra brownie points from your loyal customers. That and more.

If you’re ready to level up and graduate from a rusty old cardboard box with random caps to top-notch wholesale baseball hats customized to give your brand’s swag one mighty push, it’s time to get schooled.

That brings us to this blog where you’ll learn a few tidbits on scoring big with blank lids; transformed to be unique and distinct.

Promo Hats – An American Obsession

First up, let’s take a quick peek behind the seams of the Land of Liberty’s obsession with wearing words, logos and symbols on our domes. Ever since the good ol’ ball cap became a standard uniform for baseball players in the 1900s, we’ve been addicted to advertising our allegiances and identities from neck up.

Today you see storage facilities crammed with generic caps waiting to get branded and slapped on sports fans, company staff, bar mitzvah attendees…you name it!

Alright, pop quiz:

How can you procure quality wholesale baseball hats for your marketing needs without losing your shirt?

Experienced buyers know that buying blank caps in bulk means more bang for your buck. You skip all middlemen markups and pass the savings onto your prime advertising real estate – the cap crowns of your target audience!

From The Style To The Make

But first, you’ve got to pick the style you want to go with. Are we taking the iconic structured 6-panel cap with a sturdy pre-curved brim? Maybe vintage snapbacks ought to do the magic? Oh, the dad hat with its slightly curved brim and slouchy fit is also making a noticeable splash these days. Choices, choices.

Once you pick your cap style, it’s time to choose from common materials like cotton, polyester, canvas, twill, or even straw and mesh for breathability. And there you go.

Now that you have your blanks lined up, the fun part begins – making them distinctively YOU. This is where your brand identity should shine through.


With unique customizations.

And you have options there too.

From Blank To Bombastic

Go for any of these customization options.

  • Embroidery – Get your logo or mascot stitched onto the crown or side panels.
  • Sublimation – Full color designs can be imprinted all over the cap for eye-catching looks.
  • Printed design – Crisp printed graphics on flat brim caps are bold and modern.
  • Patches – Just stick some embroidery patches to showcase your slogan or emblem.
  • Pin fasteners – Let customers pin their own flair and accessories on the caps.

And if you really want to knock their socks off, explore cutting edge 3D puff embroidery that looks practically airbrushed onto the cap. It’ll make even Willy Wonka jealous!

Even the adjustment straps on the back present opportunities to spotlight your brand name. So take advantage of every inch. Finally, don’t forget to consider cap accessories like headbands and stickers to offer additional logo real estate. But you really don’t need them if you know who you’re going to give these caps away to.

More Tidbits

Now that you’re ready to level up from novice to cap connoisseur, it’s time to source your hats and start customizing! Many online wholesalers offer deep bulk discounts, easy logo imprinting and lightning fast (maybe even free) shipping right to your door. CapBargain, another wholesale hats supplier, sells high-quality hats from OTTO Cap at literally the best prices in the market. And like many other suppliers, they offer on-site customization too.

Anyhoo, just make sure your cap fits your brand’s vibe and style as uniquely as a fingerprint. That means even the color combinations of the cap and the design on it matters. If you have enough creative mojo, you can easily (and affordably) transform blank caps into branded advertisements for your biz.

Around 85% of the recipients of promo products like hats recall the brand that gave it to them. And a single custom hat easily generates over 3000 impressions throughout its life.


Be it for chilling at a ballgame or barbeque, your customers will be more open to start conversations on the brand that gave them those cool lids, while the caps themselves broadcast your brand’s message to the masses.Now start using your noodle and pop off some custom caps that catapult your brand to new heights.

If you have any questions, please ask below!