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Understanding the Most Crucial Elements of Web Design

Web DesigningThough every web designer has a different approach and plan towards creating a unique, functional and attractive website, there are a few vital elements that are essential to every web designing process. Let us understand what these most crucial elements of web designing are:

  • Space: How you use space is very important tool in web design. It tends to dictate everything from flow to readability. Key things to consider in this element include consistency of spacing between texts and multimedia. Correct spacing is very important to create a focal point for the reader. When a text or multimedia is surrounded by large white space, it appears more important as compared to the one that is crammed in a small location. The space may not always be white. Space basically denotes the background.
  • Simple, Hassle-Free Navigation: Complicated navigation is a great turn off for people visiting a website. Thus, you should keep these menus simple. Depending on the type of website you are creating, 5 to 10 menu navigation items are sufficient. Website can be made more user-friendly by including navigation tools like parallaxscrolling.
  • Search: To make it easy for the visitor of your website to access or reach the information they are looking for rather than having to browse the entire website for it, a search button must be added to the website design. It makes your website more user-friendly and your content easy to access.
  • Information Footer: To ensure that you can establish a connection with your visitors by offering them a wealth of important information without letting your compromising on the design of your website, Information Footer can be used. It is located at the end of the page and works a website map. You should keep it as simple as possible.

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  • About Us: It is very important to provide the visitor with an introduction of your business and website in order to connect with them. It ensures that they understand who you are, what services and products you offer, how have you grown over the years, your experience, the type of clients you have handled, etc. It is essential as it helps your target audience understand that you cater to what they need. Use this page well to add quality to your brand in a subtle manner, do not boast.
  • Contact Information: It is another very crucial element as this information is what will help your potential clients to get in touch with you. The contact information can be used in two ways, i.e. in the main navigation menu or in the Contact Us page. Your contact information must provide your full postal address, helpline/ telephone number and email address.
  • Call to Action/ Signup: It is critical to add Signup and Call to Action gateway in your website. When a visitor is impressed with your products and services, it is a tendency that they create an account with you, make some purchase, etc. Space, Color and Contrast are a few factors to be considered while designing them.

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