How LinksAlpha Can Distribute Content On Social Media

I’m not a huge fan of social networks since these are places where people like me tend to spend a great deal of time, however as a webmaster I know that social media is a great tool for my business and therefore something that I must do in order to get more traffic and facilitate my content. I resolved to find the best and cheapest way to increase my social activity and so far I’ve found many great options for doing this, one that is very complete is called LinksAlpha and it’s an online service that can help you a lot to automate things around social networks. This has a direct impact in efficiency and productivity and if you’ve been thinking about increasing your social presence LinksAlpha is a great way to go.

I’m an RC flying toys lover and as many people I have a WordPress website where I share interesting and useful content about this hobby, and social networks are great places to share my posts. However one of the biggest obstacles for me to do this is that I have at least five different social profiles to feed, and adding a post with a link manually can become a daunting task, especially with Twitter since there are limited characters to play with; fortunately this tool can take care of publishing the articles with a single click and it also has an embedded URL shortening piece of software that facilitates the whole process.

LinksAlpha currently supports 24 different network types and can help you to post messages automatically through all of them very easy. Some of the supported networks are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, MySpace, Delicious, Foursquare, and Tumblr; and sharing posts through them is very easy and fast to do.


How LinksAlpha can help you to be socially present

LinksAlpha is a friendly platform where you can compose, edit, schedule, and save messages like if you were doing it on the social network itself, the one thing that makes it special is that you are able to compose the message once and then publish it through different networks with just a click. This however is not the best use for this tool since you can automate things much more and in order to do this LinksAlpha provides two main ways to automatically push your content to your fans, friends, and followers.

  • WordPress Plugin: The one reason for what I love WordPress is because everybody offers a plugin for it; LinksAlpha is not an exception and they actually offer not one but three different plugins which are: Network Publisher, Social Discussions, and 1-Click Retweet/Share/Like. Simply install these plugins and you’ll be ready to go.
  • LinksAlpha Publish: For those people who don’t have a WordPress site or that for some reason the plugins have a conflict with other plugins this is the option. LinksAlpha allows you to add up to two different websites (in the free version) to automatically post the content once that it is published on your site. I find this option suitable for those businesses and users who run websites hosted at Blogger, Typepad, and other CMS services.

Using any of these options is the best way to go since it will take care of sharing the content on our site automatically without us having to worry for it. As I told you before there are many other options that are good as well to do this but LinksAlpha is one of the best since it allows to automate the process directly either from the WordPress website or using the online service.

Why is it a good idea to use LinksAlpha for Social Media?

Currently LinksAlpha is offering this service for free and even when it has some limitations it is very helpful to distribute the content. There are as well some paid options to cover the high demands of users and companies with more than one site or posts to share. Among the big advantages that I’ve found using LinksAlpha is the fact that it helps me to be more effective in terms of social networks and at the same time it increases the social presence of my website. As a result I have now more traffic referred from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more; and I am sure that you as well can use the benefits of this amazing tool.

Are you ready to try LinksAlpha? What has been your experience with social networks? Let us know what you think and leave a comment.

To your Success!

This article was written by Jose Lozano, who motivated for his passion for RC helicopters and flying gadgets, started a website to share with others his opinions about mini helicopters and the best ways to use them. Jose rapidly found an issue while trying to share his content using social media, but tools such as LinksAlpha are now helping Jose to share his latest posts, such as the Parrot AR Drone review, with other hobbyists like him.

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