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How to Make Your E-commerce Site Conversion Friendly

There have been many changes observed in ‘customers' purchase behavior' in recent years. Gone are those days, when an ecommerce site loaded with impressive graphics, informative content and customer-friendly features was enough to convert the visitors into paying customers.

Nowadays, apart from incorporating the previously mentioned things on the sites, designers have to make sure that the web design work is carried according to the customer's point of view. This means, that the sites should be constructed according to the customers' choices, not according to the owner or designer's perception.E-Commerce

Here are a few latest tips provided to create a conversion friendly ecommerce site:

  • Know Your Target Audience

Customers are the ones who select and provide reviews on the products. They are spread all over the web and registered with the platforms such as forums, social media sites and emails. Before making a purchase, the customers browse all these mediums to fetch the relevant information about the company and its manufactured products. When they visit any ecommerce site they look for several factors that include products' graphical display, content, web design elements, attractiveness, brand appeal, and so on. Customers make the buying decision based on visuals provided on the ecommerce site. Therefore, knowing the choices and preferences of the customers helps in creating a conversion friendly website design.

  • Simple Navigation

An easy Navigation provides access to different products and related information available on the ecommerce site. The navigation bars should have some uniformity in type, style, colour and positioning of the buttons in order to improve the user experience. Moreover, make sure that the designers have used simple and conventional names for the navigation bars to avoid any confusion.

  • High Resolution Product Images

A visual image can speak better than content. Moreover, Google approved images have always contributed in enhancing the conversion rates. Google AdWords Image Extension is one of the tools that will help in developing better visuals. It is also important to develop high-resolution images from different angles to offer impressive visual quality and zoomable views to the shoppers. To provide a better user experience, the site owners need to have an expert e-commerce web development team handling such requirements.

  • Engaging Product Info

It is mandatory to provide informative, interesting and engaging product info to the readers. Moreover, the provided product information must develop an emotional connection with the customers. For example, highlight the advantages a product will offer to the customers. Businesses may lose customers if they forget to develop an emotional connection with the customers.

  • Call to Action Image

Many a times, ecommerce site developers forget to create an effective call to action image. Several site administrators have analyzed that the customers prefer clicking on the images than reading the content. Thus, create images that persuade visitors to buy the products, which helps in increasing the conversion by 10% to 15% for the website.

  • Product Videos

Ecommerce sites have to be interactive and loaded with education based marketing elements. However, the owners have always preferred adding the promotional videos to the site. Imagine an irate customer who recently used one of your products, which caused him or her some disappointments. If that customer visits your site and finds such promotional videos, it will be enough to fuel his or her anger. Create education-based videos to help resolving queries and guiding users to the correct usage of the products. This helps in decreasing the list of complaints and increasing the conversion rates.

  • Shopping Cart Visibility

It is always advisable to make the shopping cart visible, at all times, on the right side of the screen. This helps the customers to gain quick and continuous access to the product and price info. This is also one of the ways to make the ecommerce site conversion friendly.

  • Free Shipping

Conduct a survey and ask your customers what they prefer the most-Free shipping or discounts? You will be amazed to know that a large number of customers prefer free shipping between the two choices. Define a minimum purchase criterion, as providing free shipping service for the products that are priced low, will not be beneficial. In today's era, free shipping is one of the vital steps that helps to divert traffic to the site and increases the conversion rate as well.

  • No Pop-ups

Create a simple ecommerce site that never distracts the shoppers. Do not offer product ads and the other pop-up windows that can annoy the buyers. Let the buyers discover the products and other info themselves. Make a simple and explanatory site, not the site with pop-ups, as this will result in lowering the conversions.

  • Display Discounts

A business grows with the customers. It is always essential that a business finds new customers each time. Discounts attract customers a lot. Businesses that provide seasonal and annual discounts on the products have always achieved a high conversion rate on their sites.

  • Show Contact Info

Display the contact info on every web page of the ecommerce site. Make sure that the contact info has proper visibility on the site. Online shopping is all about trust and acknowledgement. Therefore, display the complete contact info to establish a bond of trust with the customers. This boosts the conversion a lot.

  • Multiple Payment Options

People from all walks of life like to shop online. Businesses cannot expect that every shopper will only use a debit or credit card to make the payment. Therefore, the ecommerce sites must facilitate customers to pay the bill using multiple payment options. Moreover, the sites must have sign up with the trusted online payment system to boost the faith of the customers. If the customers have a single doubt about the online payment security, they will never buy a product from the site.

  • Offer Advanced Search

Online shoppers are always impatient. They prefer typing the name of the products on the text bar and expect useful products' pages to display. The search bar is one of the attractive features of the ecommerce sites. Site owners, who want to improve the conversion rates, must provide an advanced search option rather than just a search bar.

The tips do not end here. The up-coming write ups will have more information and tips to improve the conversion rates and to make the sites conversion friendly.

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