Advantages of MacBook Air over Traditional Laptops

macbook-proMacBook air is a unique machine which boasts not only style but also convenience. The device is the slimmest notebook manufactured to date with the thickest point, less than three quarters of an inch. What is worth mentioning is that the slim and sleek design does not result in a crammed keyboard or touchpad, rather the 11-inch Macbook air equips us with a subnotebook which is handy and portable but with a larger screen and a comfortable keyboard. Listed below are some of the unique features of the new MacBook air.

Backlit keyboard

Backlit keyboard

Does the lack of proper lighting prevent you from working in certain situations? The new MacBook air is then the solution to your problems. With its backlit keyboard you can now work under any light conditions. Its built-in ambient blight sensors detect the changes in light in your environment and adjust the keyboard brightness automatically. This feature coupled with a wide keyboard and well-spaced keys set the laptop apart from its contenders mainly when subnotebooks are concerned. Hence with your new MacBook air, light is no longer a hindrance. Your new MacBook air ensures that you no longer have to struggle to figure out the keys while working in the dark!

Flash storage

Macbook Flash storage

Have you ever thought what makes the MacBook air so responsive and compact? With its ultra-thin structure it seems like miracle that the device gives such quick access to data. The unique feature responsible for this is the no-moving-parts flash storage. This is the memory type usually used in iPhones and iPads. This storage type in 9 times faster than the conventional storage through hard disks and has a storage capacity up to 512GB. This unique feature makes in light and responsive. The laptop switches on instantly and wakes up quickly to give you amazing speed and storage.

The lightning fast thunderbolt port


Another feature worth mentioning is the thunderbolt port. With the help of this port you can connect your MacBook to other devises as well as displays. This port gives you an access to high resolution displays with the help of two basic technologies- PCI Express and DisplayPort. This together with the powerful thunderbolt cable enables extremely fast flow of data and allows your MacBook to be connected with different adapters like Ethernet. This is not just a cable but a technological wonder in its own right. The port helps to connect the various components of the MacBook and together with the USB ports it enables you to establish workstations, transforming your laptop to satisfy your different technological needs.

Multi-touch track pad

Multi-touch track pad

The new multi-touch trackpad is not limited to just simple tapping and swiping motions. The trackpad allows you to make multiple gestures with one, two or three fingers. The speed of the tracking is dependent upon how quickly you swipe your fingers on the trackpad. Unlike the old and conventional trackpads, this new design gives you the freedom of not only normal clicking but also secondary clicking referred to as right clicking. The two finger scrolling is a default feature with the help of which you can navigate along both the x and y axis. Further trackpad options include the rotating, pinching and zooming function. What is really unique about the trackpad are the two and three finger gestures which help you to move rapidly between documents and navigate between different applications.

MacBook air is a device of future which is breaking through the usual operating system to provide us with a device which combines style and new features. Despite being light and slim the device has been beautifully balanced so that you never face any difficulty while working with your laptop. Except for a few shortcomings like a lack of portable batteries it is a device worth owning.

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