What You Need to Know About Apple Force Touch Track Pad ?

Apple is a brand to reckon in the mobile and PC manufacturing industry. Recently, it has come up with the new Mac Book Pro range which has a track pad feature known as Force Touch. What makes it different from other Apple product, is that it comes with in-built force sensors which enable the user to click anywhere as he pleases. Its haptic feedback feature will provide you with a responsive feeling. Another interesting thing to note about this feature is that you can adjust its feel by changing the amount of pressure required to register each click. It also allows a new gesture known as Force Click. You can use it for having a quick view of a map, or go through a file’s preview by clicking, and then giving a deeper press.


Both Force Touch and Force Click come with a number of menu items which you can use while open clicking an item. This technology comprises four force sensors located below the track pad. Using them, you can click and select any item you want to on the track pad. With a light click you can select a specific item, while a more firmer click will help you select details about that item. You will need to decide how much pressure needed to register a click. The system will immediately tell you whether you are clicking with your thumb or another finger, and adjust the sensitivity level automatically.

The Mac Book Pro also comes with a taptic engine which will provide you with a vibrational response when you tap. You will feel as if you are pressing down the pad, but in actuality the track pad doesn’t move. The Taptic Engine on Mac Book Pro utilizes four separate magnets which work together to create various types of vibrational feedback. The Force Touch track pad will also enable you to preview calendar events, web pages and files. It also supports pressure sensitive drawing which will help you to sign your name while using it. All that you will have to do is to apply light pressure for a thin stroke or press a bit harder for a thick one.

Force Touch can also be used for other purposes as well. Once you use Force Click text in a web-page or mail a message, you will see a popover appear showing the results you look up results for that text. While composing a message with a PDF attachment or an image, you can Force Click the image to activate Markup. This will let you to add notes to the attachment. Using Force Click on an existing event, you can view a details inspector, or view the contact card of a meeting attendee. With Force Touch you can change fast forward’s speed and rewind assets in iMovie or Quick Time. You will receive a haptic feedback in iMovie that will let you know when you have completed some tasks such as putting a title in place. The pressure sensitivity can also be used to speed up as you zoom in or zoom out of a map.

You can also use Force Click a link in Safari or Mail to have an inline preview of a web-page. It will also help you in tracking numbers in Mail or Safari to view shipping details in a popover. Another interesting feature of this feature is that you can file icons. You will just have to Force Click a file icon to have a Quick Look preview of its content. Using the Force Track pad isn’t too difficult either. Once you turn off your PC, you turn off the Force Track pad as well.


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