Green tech

The future’s resources are renewable. How profitable is the wind?

Recently, we have been struggling with different ways of creating energy. The world is changing and there is too many people to maintain. Our generation is going to be known as the plastic generation, but also known as the generation that ended the fossil fuel. That is making us look for other ways to create that needed energy, even from outside the planet. We don’t need to go to Uranus to get that energy, it is in our planet, we just need to try natural methods to turn it useful to us.

These natural energies use to come from the sun, the water or the wind. For the sun there are solar panels, hydroelectric centers for the water and eolic windmills to turn their movement into energy. Not everyone knows that to create a wind farm, you have to make really exhaustive research and some investments. There are companies that help wind farmers through the internet creating databases and showing the behavior of the wind through the day and Vortex is one of them. This company provides services to its customers by creating modeled wind resource data, something needed to improve your profits from that wind farm.

Have you ever heard of them?

They work through their main website, making easy for the customer to know at any moment how to find what they need. It is created for technical departments and shows global wind estimations in some places or periods of time where there are unavailable measurements. They are formed by a group of professionals full of experience, counting with people that have worked at least 15 years in the wind industry. The company itself was created in 2007, by ex eolic professionals.

Its products have been designed after a long dialogue with the wind industry and are the best in the wind resource data. Their work model is so fulfilling that they can count on a lot of good arguments from their clients. It is truly innovative, open and it works online. Their clients don’t need to work with new complex hardware to work with Vortex, they just need to use their technology remotely from their own office. Neither is need the knowledge of an engineer or those long lookups process. The vortex business model works with a click and shows the results in hours.

How do you know if it is what you need?

It is useful to new wind farmers or energy consultancy firms that are looking for information, or for wind turbine manufacturers and their workers. It storage information, wind data analysis and it can even help to discover turbines issues. They work with an intuitive interface that shows the wind state on its different phases, from prospecting to operation.

They can prove their accuracy through their customers really easily and it is probably the most measurement-like synthetic datasets currently available in the market including 3-seconds gust and turbulence intensity time-series at any location worldwide. Its technology uses traditional ways to measure wind modeling, and it reduces big patterns that can be seen in bigger areas into relevant points, that show it better using a supercomputer cluster.

Thanks to its pioneer approach they work with you really fast and efficiently. In its website you can see lots of winds maps that shows the winds behaviour, temperature, etc. And counts with a lot of interesting events where you can go and meet them, but remember that there is no need, you can work with them from your own desktop.

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