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Benefits of Solar Energy Systems for Your Home

solar energy scheme in your houseSolar lights and other solar home products are known by many people as good things. However, only a few people really understand why they are good. Do you know why it is advisable to use solar energy? Just go through this article and for real, you will understand why they are preferred by many people.

Solar energy saves you money

When you decide to use solar energy in your home, you will only incur the initial investment cost of wiring and buying a solar panel. Once the initial investment has been covered, the energy from the sun will be practically free. The initial cost is not high because no complex wiring is required and there are cheaper solar panels according to your financial ability. The recovery period can be very short depending on how your household uses electricity.

It is environmental friendly

It helps in protecting the environment because it is clean, sustainable and renewable unlike oil, gas and coal. It does not defile the environment by releasing sulphur dioxide gas, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide into the atmosphere unlike many traditional ways of electrical generations. Therefore, it does not cause acid rain, smog, global warming or other problems of transportation, recovery and storage of radioactive waste. Instead, it actively contributes to decreasing harmful green house gas emissions.

Low or no maintenance

Solar energy systems are mainly maintenance free and last for decades. There are no incurring costs once the systems are installed and more solar panels can be added easily in future if necessary. The systems operate silently without releasing offensive smells. There are no moving parts so you will not have to worry about replacing anything. . Solar energy is also reliable thus no need to have any other energy system to complement it. In the long run, you will find out that, it is cheaper than buying it from a power company.

It is independent or semi independent

A solar energy system can operate independently without any connection to a gas grid or power. The systems can therefore be installed in remote areas and locations or even in holiday log cabins. This makes supply of electricity to new areas practical and cost-effective. It reduces the dependency on centralized or foreign sources of energy. This contributes to a sustainable future since it is not influenced by international events or natural disasters. Solar energy enhances dependence among people by supporting wealth and local job creation thus fuelling the economy.

Government support

Many governments are now providing incentives to people purchasing solar energy systems. Such incentives include; a short term loan and tax credit which usually decrease the cost of the system by 20-30%. This is because the solar technology is improving constantly giving many people a chance to benefit.

Variety of uses

You can use solar energy in many ways, each with its own complexity and costs. You can install a solar electric generating system to generate electricity for general use reducing your electric bills to zero. Depending on your system, you can use it to; cook, heat water, practice passive space heating, heat your swimming pool, provide indoor and landscape lighting.

Here is a nice infographic on how the full system works (click to enlarge).

solar energy scheme infographic

Those are some of the advantages of using solar energy. Install the system in your home and for real, it will never let you down.

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  1. It is hard to see all the good that these solar bring but, I can see down the road that inverts have to be change because of the electronic made up of these inverts, so I know than an inverts can only last about 10 to 15 years. That mean that if a bought a system for $15,000.00 that in 15 years I’ll have to replace some part on the invert or one or two cells on the panels.

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