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Features and Benefits of Solar Inverters

The world is changing at a very rapid pace becoming advanced day by day. The technology is undergoing frequent evolution making life more and more comfortable day by day. But the moon has two sides, the visible one lighter & shining and the far side darker.

Solar Energy So Important in the Modern Scenario

The advancement in the technology on one side is making like easy and comfortable, on the other hand, it is taking a toll on the non- renewable resources like Petrol, coal, gas and diesel etc. It has led to a serious concern where the mankind is heading to and how will thisgreen energy depletion impact the life on earth. The recent advances in the solar technology have given people living all over the globe a new hope.

In the last one or two decades, the solar technology has progressed by leaps and bounds. And with every passing day, we are witnessing solar energy devices becoming more and more energy efficient. For example, solar power inverters which have brought a new revolution in the power backup industry are more in demand than the earlier.

The solar panels convert solar energy into DC current which gets stored in the battery of the inverter. The job of the solar inverter is to convert this DC current into AC for use in homes and industries to run electrical appliances.

Astonishing Features of solar power inverters

The complete solar inverter package consists of the charge controller, solar panels, batteries and inverter. Remember the solar panels don’t produce alternate current and the job of the inverter is to convert the DC current produced by it

The solar panel cannot produce alternating current by themselves. So an inverter is used for this purpose.

There are other types of inverters which convert DC current into after exposure to sunlight. The Central Inverters are in use in many households which convert DC into AC Without use of solar panels.

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One more important type of solar inverter is microinverter. It makes use of the single photovoltaic module for the operation but it converts DC into AC from each solar panel.

The only difference in the solar inverters from the Normal inverters is that former consists of solar charge controller, switching circuits and terminals to connect battery and solar panel of apt rating.

Even the normal inverters can be converted into solar inverter by connecting charge controller aided by an automatic transfer switch.

Tangible and intangible benefits of solar power inverters

There are both tangible and intangible benefits of using solar inverters for running electrical appliances in your home. The tangible ones are obvious to eye that it provides power backup to households and industrial units, we will discuss here the intangible benefits of the solar power inverters

  1. The energy price rise in India is rising leaving people out of pocket. When you install solar power inverters at your home or office, and require a very little maintenance and work for a longer period, substantially reducing your electricity bills which can result in long-term savings for your household. This is a huge advantage of using solar inverters.
  2. The solar inverter increases the value of your property in the real estate market by making your home energy efficient and attractive. This has been the reason why homes equipped with solar energy systems are fetching a huge price in the market.
  3. And the most important benefit of using solar energy systemis they are eco-friendly, means the user can install a solar power inverter at home and pay for less electricity off the grid.
  4. The electricity supply to your home is being supplied from a very reliable and clean and infinite source. And the use of solar devices reduces the amount of non-renewable resources burnt at industrial units.


The above-listed benefits of solar inverters for home are just a few perks of using solar inverters. There are hundreds of other intangible and tangible benefits of these inverters for providing power backup to your homes and offices. You will come to know once you will start using a power inverter for home or office.

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