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5 Green Apps to Build a Better World

Even as the love for technology grows, green lifestyle movement is gaining momentum. People have been realizing that no-holds-barred approach to technology and industrial growth won’t help them grow in the real sense of the word. Only if the environment is treated well and a balanced approach is adopted, things might last in the longer run. Simply put, technology and environment need to learn to co-exist.

So, it comes as no surprise, efforts with regard to environmental preservation are being undertaken on a war-footing, with several governments supporting the cause. Interestingly, several green apps are helping out in this endeavor.

The green apps, I have listed below, are not just popular but they are useful as well.

Find out for yourself how these green apps could help you to be better citizens of the world.


The app market is flush with green apps. However, off all the green apps available in the app ecosystem, GoodGuide wears the crown when it comes to helping customers find organic and green products. The app is fittingly programmed to find you the greenest and the best-rated products, globally. And not just the constitution of the goods, the app also offers safety and health ratings. The ratings, from 0 to 10, are based on health risk assessment and informatics methodology.

Further, the app helps to search, scan and find the right product for you. Additional features include offering nutritional value of edible products, health risks associated with disinfectants and much, much more.

So far, the app has successfully rated over 75,000 products, thus guiding millions of people to healthier choices. This is one of the best eco-friendly apps you should go for in 2019.

# Carma Carpooling

With air pollution becoming a major cause of concern for several big cities in this world, Car pooling, in all likelihood, could prove to be the safest alternative for people, globally. For the starters, transportation causes 31% of total global CO2 emissions.

Carma Carpooling comes with a set of interesting features. For instance, the app lets commuters chat up with each other, share the ride, and also fare as well. So, it goes without saying, using the app is the best way to save both money and the environment.

The best part? People don’t need to plan weeks and days ahead like the regular carpooling apps. On the contrary, the app works real-time and allows commuters to search for passengers who are planning to travel in the same direction as you. This is how the app instantly sets up a real-time carpooling. Okay, while returning, the users could choose to commute with the same person or choose a new real-time carpool and travel with someone else.

# A Real Tree

If reforestation is on your mind, check out A Real Tree. For just 99 cents, the iPhone app developed by some top iPhone app developers is encouraging “reforestation.” As you know, deforestation is a big environmental issue. And, fortunately, “A Real Tree” has an answer to this. The developers of “A Real Tree” have apparently joined hands with green organizations such as Sustainable Harvest International and Trees for the Future to ensure that more and more trees get planted whenever someone purchases the app. The organization plants trees in nearly 12 nations including Nicaragua, Haiti, India and Honduras.

Further, the reforestation activity is being carried out without the help of toxic fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and more. Plus, the app is educating local communities on reforestation and roping in their help to rehabilitate forests

#Fat Lama

Have you heard about e-waste?

Yes, one of the biggest threats looming on our heads these days is e-waste. And, yes, of course, the trash folder lying in the corner of your desktop is contributing regularly to this issue.

For the starters, the world is generating almost 50 million tonnes of electronic waste every year and it mostly comprises of old phones, computers, cameras and other devices. However, the good news is, most of this waste is both recyclable and reusable.

Now, the question is: How to recycle and reuse this e-waste?

Enter Fat Lama.

Developed by London based entrepreneurs, the website lets you rent out your spare belongings to the local marketplace comprising like-minded individuals.

Usually when you need a projector or things like that you end up buying one. Fat Lama lets users borrow stuff from the marketplace. So, in a way, you don’t need to waste money on needless purchases.

Launched in 2016, this peer-to-peer marketplace was earlier meant to rent specialist and high-end items. However, these days you could rent almost anything.

The best part? You could start renting out unused materials lying around your house. This will not only help you make some money, but at the same time help you save the planet as well.

The idea is to focus on the growth of circular economy and not production-driven economy, leading to less waste and even then you get to enjoy the thrill of shopping. For developing a green app, you could directly consult top mobile app development companies.

# Green Meter

Do you want to be a more efficient driver? Do you want to keep a check on your fuel consumption and cost? Check Green Meter out. The app has been quite in demand for drivers.

In fact, even before you take on the road, you could use the app to learn the nuances that could help you drive efficiently when you actually hit the road.

The app offers you info on fuel consumption, analyzes MPG, not to mention tells you when it’s time for a tuneup.

Results of your driving performance get displayed while you are driving, to give instant feedback.

Wrapping up:

Do you use or aware of any other green apps that help conserve environment in your own little way? Let us know in the comment section.

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