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The Danger of Cyber Attack: How to Do a Threat Assessment

You’re running an organization, and you’re doing your best to keep it operating smoothly and to keep it safe and protected against various kinds of threats that may be lurking. To make things worse, the threats are now looming online as well, meaning that business owners have to put a lot of focus on ensuring cyber security and protecting their businesses against the attacks that could be devastating. Here are some of the most common threats you may be facing when it comes to this.

So as to fortify your digital defenses, you first need to understand those cyber attacks better. Sure, you’ve heard of them and you have some idea as to what they entail, but you may still not be completely aware of the actual danger they pose to your organization. Once you become aware of those dangers, though, you will automatically understand the need for doing a proper cyber attack threat assessment, meaning you will want to learn how to conduct it as well.

The Danger of Cyber Attacks for Your Business

Let us not get ahead of ourselves here, though. The very first thing you need to do is understand why those attacks are so dangerous for your business at all. If you’re not sure about this, or if you have some vague understanding of the danger they pose, you may not take the need to keep your organization safe and secure so seriously. And, if you’re not taking things seriously, then you are remaining vulnerable to the threats that are lurking, which is definitely not what you want.

First off, let’s talk money. If you don’t have the right cybersecurity measures in place, conducting online transactions, making investments and basically doing business, becomes quite risky. The financial repercussions of those risks and attacks can be crippling for an organization. Not to mention that you will also have to spend quite some money to recover from it and try to return to business as usual.

Next, cybercriminals often tend to target personal data—names, addresses, social security numbers, and of course, financial details. This can lead to profound consequences both for you and for your clients. And, if your clients feel the consequences, they are bound not to trust you and not to do business with you anymore, which further leads to losing money. Conducting a proper cyber attack threat assessment can help you ensure nothing like this happens. It can protect your data and the data of your clients.

Let’s dwell a bit more on the idea of a data breach and on the consequences that may have on your clients and, by extension, on your business. You’re working hard to build a name for yourself on the market, and you don’t want your reputation to be tarnished. Well, it definitely will be if the word gets out that you have compromised your clients’ data and that a breach occurred due to your lack of proper cyber security measures. Rebuilding a reputation is a difficult endeavor, not to mention a costly one.

How to Do a Cyber Attack Threat Assessment

The above should have helped you understand at least some of the implications of cyber attacks, as well as the importance of conducting a proper threat assessment. Thus, the thing you want to focus on now is learning how to actually do that assessment. So, let me tell you more about the steps to take during that process.

First off, you need to identify the potential targets of cyber attacks. From employee e-mail accounts and customer databases to the financial data of your business. In short, all of your digital assets could be potential targets, and it is important for you to understand this from the start, so that you can take proper protection measures. Remember to think about the potential threats as well, so that you can understand what it is you’re trying to protect yourself from.

Next, what you will have to do is assess the current measures you have in place. By doing so, you will be able to identify your weak points quite easily, and thus understand what it is that you need to improve and do better in order to lower the risk of data breaches and similar attacks that could have dire consequences for your company. Identifying your own vulnerabilities and weaknesses is a sure path towards creating a better security strategy.

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Assessing the likelihood of attacks is also crucial, as is evaluating the risk of the various platforms you are using. In any case, perhaps the best thing to do when you need this assessment conducted is work with the right cybersecurity professionals, as they will be able to provide you with the services you need. As well as to help you build the perfect security strategies around those assessments, aiming at keeping your business safe from cyber attacks.

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