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Make Payroll Easier with a New Time Clock System

Time Clock SystemManaging the hours employees work (when they started, when they finished, any breaks they took, etc.) was once a manual process involving pencil and paper. As technology advanced, so did time clocks-employers were able to install manually-operated punch card clock systems, through which employees would clock in and out via a time card that would have a hole punched in it at the appropriate time (hence the coined phrase, “punching in/out”). But still, that process was somewhat manual, and left plenty of room for abuse and manipulation-for instance, an employee who was late in arriving to work could simply punch his or her time card at an earlier time.

These days, punch card time clock systems are all but a thing of the past-relics to be seen in museums and abandoned factories, perhaps. In their place are sophisticated computerized time clock systems. Many of these systems run on standalone computers, but many others can easily be integrated into existing computer platforms and databases. In other words, if you already use a computer system at your workplace to manage security, stock, payroll, and other administrative tasks, then you will most likely be able to add an electronic, computerized clocking system to it with relative ease.

Here’s why you’ll want to purchase or upgrade to an electronic timeclock system:

  • automation-no manual punch cards or time slips to keep track of
  • check in on clocked-in or clocked-out employees at anytime, even remotely
  • schedule breaks
  • receive notifications of employees who are arriving late, leaving early, or who are absent altogether
  • accurate logging of hours makes payroll easier: from a liability standpoint, you won’t have to worry about employees going into overtime, or minor employees working more hours than they are legally allowed to

Purchasing a new clock system for your workplace involves researching the available systems, and of course speaking with your computer or network administrator to decide which type of system is best.


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