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Upcoming TV Shows in 2020

This year is almost up and 2020 just around the corner. Fans are anxious for their long-awaited TV shows to finally air. Everyone seems perched on the edge of the seat to find out what shows are actually about to light up their TV world. Well, let us not waste […]


How Film Scores are Added to Movies

No movie is complete without an engaging, creative and atmospheric film score. Many viewers never think twice about the audio in a movie without realizing that the audio is subtly and effectively altering their emotions. In many cases, a film’s film score is one of the critical components to how […]

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An Actor’s Guide to DIY Showreels

If you’re an actor, you probably know that more and more producers of everything from feature films to reality shows are relying on technology to weed through the masses of faces they see at auditions. A showreel can have immense value to an actor trying to get professional jobs, whether […]