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Weak Points In Millennials’ Lifestyle

The Millennials, or Generation Y, is a social group that reflects the main tendencies of life in a modern world. There are plenty of information about this generation in social media, various articles, researches and statistic data. Their values, way of life and the specialties of worldview are studied not […]


How Internet Is Essential For Education

While the internet is considered mainly a tool for social media and entertainment purposes by the younger generation, it was originally conceived, implemented and deployed for research and educational purposes. With the advancement in telecommunications technology, there is a profound display of academic and scientific information being represented online. Here […]

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How To Bring Your Startup To Accelerators

Startups have become a truly hot niche in business. Due to their innovative approach and fresh ideas, startups attract more and more investors who are willing to develop this business. However, it is still hard to find a proper investor or a group of investors, mostly because of the widest […]


Essential benefits of TOGAF certification

The Open Group Architecture Framework is the expansion of the abbreviation TOGAF. It is basically a framework for the enterprise architecture. This is known to provide an approach that relates to the designing as well as the planning in addition to implementing as well as governing of an enterprise information […]