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How To Bring Your Startup To Accelerators

Startups have become a truly hot niche in business. Due to their innovative approach and fresh ideas, startups attract more and more investors who are willing to develop this business. However, it is still hard to find a proper investor or a group of investors, mostly because of the widest variety of startups’ choice.

The more startups experience the process of exit – which means they get bought by wealthy transnational conglomerates – the more other risky entrepreneurs become eager to launch their own startup. Therefore, the question of competitors becomes really sharp and relevant. Which is why you need to be aware of the ways to get noticed when you think of launching a startup business.

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Who invests money in startups?

People who invest their money into startups on the early stage of the project’s development are called startup angels. Poetically, but without these investors a startup won’t be able to survive a single day in the world of modern business. Next, there are also venture capitalists who come after startup angels. These investors get a smaller share in the startup business they want to support but at the same time, they are taking a smaller risk. Yet, where to find those angels or venture capitalists? They can hardly be easily ran into in the subway. Nevertheless, they can easily be reached due to accelerators.

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The essence of accelerators

Startup accelerators are often called seed accelerators. The metaphor is clear: they plant startups the way farmers plant seeds which later grow and give an abundant harvest. Accelerators are special programs aimed at educating and mentoring startup owners and, as a final and most important stage, finding interested investors who are willing to promote startup projects. Still, if you choose the development thanks to accelerators, you need to know the price: a considerable part of your company’s shares will no longer belong to you. Anyway, the result is worth it: in the case you succeed, your company will be prominent and can make you really wealthy.

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Before you choose an accelerator

There are dozens of accelerators in different parts of the world which is why the choice is practically unlimited. However, before you start working with accelerators, you need to make your project ready. Firstly, think of the way you’re going to present it to your mentors, colleagues and future investors. The more creative and at the same time precise you get, the more chances you have of getting noticed and then getting picked. Stand out of the crowd and don’t be afraid.

What’s more, most startup owners don’t even think of their idea’s design implementation which is an awful mistake. A superb packaging is important if you want to impress people. Remember, as an old saying goes, first you say “how nice”; if you don’t show the brilliance of your project, you will fail for no one will get fascinated with what you offer. Thus, you need to design a creative logo for your startup and connect it with the packaging and presentation you prepare for accelerators. From the first sight, it doesn’t seem to be as vital as it really is because this is a part of a marketing strategy. Take into account that this marketing strategy takes the most important place in the startup accelerator campaign.

Also, present your company, making an emphasis on how hot the niche it is placed in is in order to explain why your future investors should react fast. Give credit to yourself and to your team: show how professional and determined each and every of you is in order to inspire others with this enthusiasm. Your chances will be much higher if you accent the technological breakthrough you’re planning to make: this is what all the startups are about.

Bottom Line

To sum up, all you need to do in a startup business is acting and reacting quickly. Accelerators will assist you with this but the largest part of improvements still depends on you. Remember, if you turn to accelerators, they will own a large part of your startup business. In exchange, your business gets more secured and has much more chances to thrive.

As Steve Jobs, a co-founder and a former chairman and CEO of Apple once said,

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And the only way to do great work is to love what you do.

Therefore, we wish you all the luck with your hard work on your startup business.

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