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3 Ways to Integrate an E-Store With Software Solutions

Websites depending on the ecommerce platforms still need lot of other capabilities to be integrated for better end-user experience and the site performance. It's still questionable whether to go for a complete ecommerce solution or hunt for some best-needed software and integrate them into the website. What's the best approach, […]


How to Sell Solutions at the Highest Level

Sales take place at different levels. Some sales require what I call the clerk approach. If I'm buying a toothbrush and the store clerk started asking about how often and how long I brush, I'd run. I just need a toothbrush. Some sales require the salesperson approach. If I'm buying a computer, […]


Current Technology Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

[youtube] As technology improves, so do the options for improving your health. You might think that old 486 computer they’re still using in your hospital’s reception means they’re behind the times when it comes to technology-but that isn’t the case at all. Most healthcare providers spend vast budgets on […]


Re-engineering the Engineering Industry with ERP Solutions

[youtube] According to an analysis by PWC, the majority of companies within the Engineering industry face a common set of modern day challenges. Although there are a number of challenges listed, looking beyond the surface it becomes obvious that the underlying theme is one of a lack of business […]


Affordable Solutions for Every Business's Data Storage Needs

Opting for a cloud based data storage solution can be tricky especially when a business's life blood depends on making an excellent choice. Some of the critical components of a quality data storage company are offering extremely secure data storage containers along with clearly defined methodologies for protecting data in all […]


Creative Storage Solutions for Compact Homes

Small homes need not be cluttered for lack of storage space or overcrowded from too many storage space solutions. Here is a look at some creative storage solution ideas that can be easily incorporated into most homes and within most budgets. Dividers for Room Separation and Storage You can use […]


SIP Phone & Video Phone Solutions VS. Skype

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is a communication protocol used to control multimedia communication sessions over IP. What does that mean for businesses? It means that now businesses are able to combine all their communication systems, including voice, video, web, mobility and SMS, into one unified service. Clearly this is an […]