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Stylistic Eyeglasses Solutions For Men’s Eye Problems

stylish-glassesWhether you’re considered a veteran at your local eye doctor’s office, or this will be your first time placing a pair of glasses on the bridge of your nose, there are few things that make many men more uncomfortable than choosing a style for themselves. However, with a few pointers, picking your next pair of eyeglasses can be a positive and even a fun experience. All you need is your personal preferences and a stylistic direction, the professionals will take care of the rest. There are many different frame styles in the world of glasses for men. Knowing what you want can be difficult with so many options to choose from. Luckily, there are a few things that anyone can do in order to narrow down the selection to a more manageable size. The first order of business is to evaluate the different staple trends of glasses for men.

Shape of the Frame

There are certain shapes in the world of eyeglasses that seem to be more masculine in style. Aviator glasses and the double brow bar styles have recently made a come back in men’s glasses fashion. It seems that these classic frames will always cater to the manly crowd of glasses wearers. Aviators can also be the perfect frame for sunglasses.

Be Bold With Your Style

Another notable trend in eyeglasses fashion, is the integration of bolder frame styles into the overall look of optical solutions. For certain facial structures, this provides style and balance, while others who have smaller features may find the frames to be overpowering and odd looking on their face. It is important to take into account different aspects of aesthetics when selecting your frames. Factors such as the size of your facial features and the overall structure of your head will play a large role in which frames provide you with the proportionate, well balanced look that you want to see in the mirror through your new lenses.

Rimless Can Offer Class and Comfort

While some prefer the bold look of thick, dark frames, others choose to move in a different direction with their eyeglasses. Semi rimless and rimless frame styles cater to a certain type of face and personality. You can say a lot about yourself by choosing these minimalistic style of frames. Rather than being wholly encased by plastic or metal frames, these glasses are held in place by special screws or—in the case of semi rimless frames—by a specialized transparent nylon wire. These can be quite stylish for the right person. They afford a certain modern look for the intellectual with eye troubles. They are also notably light in weight and unobtrusive in style. Many find rimless glasses to be a solution to the discomfort of heavier, bulkier frames that other glasses have.

Titanium and Other Metals are a Durable Solution

Titanium is used in space shuttles, high tech gear, and, yes, in eyeglass frames as well. Many men find the look afforded by these metal frames to be in line with the way they think and do things. As a material, it is light weight, durable, and stands up to the test of time. Aesthetically, titanium frames are a big draw for some. They can look trendy and sophisticated or utilitarian and modern depending on the shape of the frame and the person who is wearing them. Titanium is also a non corrosive material, so you don’t have to worry about getting them wet and having rust result. Other metal options include stainless steel and aluminum. While these are not seen quite as much as their titanium counter parts, they can still afford their wearers a certain degree of class and comfort with their light weight and durability, this is why many designer companies choose these materials.

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