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3 Ways to Integrate an E-Store With Software Solutions

open-source-customization[1]Websites depending on the ecommerce platforms still need lot of other capabilities to be integrated for better end-user experience and the site performance. It's still questionable whether to go for a complete ecommerce solution or hunt for some best-needed software and integrate them into the website. What's the best approach, it all depends on the specific business needs. One thing is obvious, whatever level of fully integrated ecommerce solution is provided for a business, with time, it needs upgradation, which is again dependent on integration of additional features.

A better integrated ecommerce website with other success tools of social networking (without which the survival is impossible), accounting, user- friendliness, or targeted marketing ensures success in the long run. How to make an e-store well integrated with anything needed for success? This piece of writing will reveal 3 ways to help ecommerce business owners.

1. Extensions Or Modules

Almost all the ecommerce platforms provide simple to use ways to enhance the platform functionalities with the help of software solutions. Developers work on core functions of these ecommerce platforms through an API or using a script incorporated into the source code.

When it comes to e-stores based on OsCommerce, Xcart, Zencart or Magento, it seems easier to come up with extensions, but in actual, skills and experience can do the magic. Developers develop these platform integrations and offer them on different market places. For ecommerce business owners, it's easy to install extensions because the whole process is automated; however, little technical support is needed for integration.

Picking the right marketplace or website to get an extension for your ecommerce website is important because this decision ensures the right return on investment.

2. Task-Specific Integrations

Another way to integrate an ecommerce website with software solutions is to look for desired application specialists. ChannelAdvisor offers sale boosting solutions like connecting to popular marketplaces e.g., eBay, Amazon, Sears, etc. There are ecommerce platform specific integrations available as well. Order management solutions help better integration between the ecommerce platforms and the marketplaces, so that the orders for any platform could be managed from a single place. ShipStation is doing that with Amazon and WooCommerce, connecting the systems perfectly with order management solutions as hub of all activities.

3. Using Connectors For Service Integration

If no direct integration is needed, then there are multipurpose connectors available to automate the information flow between any two systems. These connecting applications are either free or paid. Dlvr.it helps connecting website blog and social media sites while sharing the content automatically.

IFTTT is another free service to connect devices and the selected applications. The connections created are automated as well as complex. The interface used for connections is simple to be shared for benefitting other users. It helps the ecommerce websites in connecting different social media platforms or creating some order-specific notification systems.

Zapier is another paid connector offering service integration for e-businesses. A good thing about this connector is getting orders' logged in detail in Google spreadsheet. The popular offers of this connector deal in Magento, WooCommerse, Bigcommerce, Shopify, Gmail, Auhtorize.Net, QuickBooks, and the list goes on. There are many useful connections available with Zapier, making it a good support for e-business owners.

In short, an ecommerce business needs integrations at any stage of the business cycle. These integrations could be made in any form: as direct extensions, as task specific integrations, or using multipurpose connector applications. The needed thing is to look for best software solution so that the website performance could enhance. After all, the main purpose of any integration is to fulfill the changing performance needs of a website and making it user-friendly.

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