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Smart Solutions for Cleaning Windows

Cleaning windows is not always so nice and funny as they show it in the movies. Sometimes you can get quite dirty, and sometimes you can’t achieve the results you have wanted. This is simply because not everybody is a window cleaning expert. We all have different jobs and obligation, […]


How to Restore Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn window designs are a good alternative to the conventional casement windows. Although the design originated from Germany, these window designs are rapidly gaining huge popularity across the entire Europe and US regions. How it works Tilt and turn windows need to be tilted to an angle of […]


Powerful Windows 10 Features

Since the first year of the availability of the most powerful OS from Microsoft, Windows 10 is available for free to most of the Windows 7 and 8 users and Microsoft has been trying hard to plead the users to switch by delivering this new Operating System through a Windows […]


Bought a New Windows PC. Now What?

So, finally you got your brand new Windows PC and you just can't wait to start doing all the things you really enjoy - watching movies, playing games or simply surf the internet. However, once it turns on, you are likely to find that it doesn't have pretty much any […]


Is it Time to replace your Windows and Doors?

When it comes to remodeling your home, most people only look at the interior of the home. In most cases, projects like new carpet, paint, or new appliances for the kitchen are often considered first. For homeowners that are placing their home on the market, may even upgrade the bathtub, […]

High Tech Future Windows

High Tech Windows-Windows of the Future

The windows of a building are known to be the largest consumers of energy. Developers, builders, architects and home builders currently rely on reflective and energy efficient glass or low E-glass which makes use of a metallic coating to trap or reflect heat and light and thereby reduce energy costs. […]