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Government Data Analytics

Government data analysts guide public sector practices by interpreting available information and offering suggestions based on their insights. Doing so drives organizational performance with data-informed strategies. Moreover, the government-contracted analyst can guide the data life cycle to gather mission-critical data for their organization. Thus, training programs prepare analytics professionals for […]


Towards Greater Cyber Security with Big Data Analytics

Companies that are using big data and analytics are found to experience a considerable mitigation of cyber attacks. This is established by MeriTalk’s new US government’s survey wherein 84 percent participants confirmed use of big data to prevent such attacks and 90 percent confirmed reduction in security breaches. It can […]


6 Things You Should Know About Google Analytics

People says “Knowledge is power” and its true. In today's technology-dominated age, the tech-giant Google has offered us with various productive tools to induce a clear view of big picture. Tool like Google Analytics is used to analyze traffic rate, because it helps accurately pinpoint the progressions. As useful as […]

Web design

Powerful Business Analytics Tools on Magento

Your influential online store on Magento might be attracting decent traffic from all over the world, but the one thing that is crucial to getting that traffic higher is the proper analysis of the valuable data. We know that many of you must be using analytic tools available on Magento, […]


The Need of Web Analytics Services

Web analytics is known to be extremely useful for website owners because it is through the statistics that they will get to decide what their next steps are going to be. People would need to have real-time access to the things currently being done by customers and clients. Without proper […]


The Best Free Web Analytics Tools

It's important to know what your customers are doing and what they think. Since you can't ask them directly, you must stick with a selection of web analytics tools. There are a number of free analytics tools you can use for this purpose. They all work in the same basic […]

Business Management

Managing Big Data with Advanced Analytics

Companies today have to contend with large volumes of data increasing in giant leaps. Managing data becomes critical to the business, from storage to processing and deriving relevant information for decision-making, giving birth to the term Big Data. What is Big Data? Big Data pertains to the large volumes of […]


Tips to Manage Your Google Analytics Data

Few of the many crucial steps towards the success of a business are the thorough observation and managing website visitor's data. No matter what kind of site you run it's either a simple weblog or a startup, as an owner you should keeping track the visitors log every now and […]