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5 Startups Taking Big Data Analytics By Storm

Having already said a mouthful, here are five startups in big data analytics we all need to keep an eye on.


1. DataRPM

Making sense of raw data can be immensely challenging for even the seasoned database administrator. It’s a totally different animal. DataRPM takes a very unique approach to making that data comprehensible. The FairFax, Virginia startup combines visualization tools with machine learning and natural language to reduce the lengthy learning curve most users encounter.

A language processor translates the questions the user asks into business intelligence queries and outputs them in relevant visualizations and recommendations. Cool stuff! Enterprise Apps Today ranked DataRPM among the Top 10 Big Data Analytics Companies.

2. Cloudant

The “as a service” niches have cloud computing to thank for their arrival. Cloudant specializes in database-as-a-service, a developer-friendly offering designed to bolster the databases behind web and mobile applications. Cloudant allows developers to host powerful databases that benefit from insightful search capabilities, app syncing, and real-time analytics with MapReduce. The firm provides an on-demand solution with the performance, scalability, and security apps demand in today’s data-driven realm.

IBM owns this company, so that may give it an even better chance to succeed.

3. LucidWorks

Discovery is one of the most labor intensive aspects of analytics. Luckily, there’s an app for that. Lucidworks has some amazing tools that help analysts and scientists navigate their way through mountains of data. The company offers secure, highly scalable solutions that allow developers and enterprises to incorporate super efficient search features into their applications.

There is also a marketplace users can tap into for apps, plugins, and other resources.

LucidWorks already has an extremely impressive client list, stocked with names like Sears, Verizon, and Zappos.

4. Couchbase

Stationed right next door to Google in Mountain View, California, Couchbase leverage NoSQL to power web and mobile applications with interactive features. The company’s Couchbase Server is an open source product that comes in both a free and Enterprise Edition, the latter of which receives continuous updates and support. It integrates the same technology companies use for business intelligence to create the rich user experiences consumers have come to expect.

Couchbase’s database is providing the foundation for apps made by brands such as AOL, LinkedIn, and

5. MemSQL

Who said SQL was dead? MemSQL is building its name on the “New SQL” principal taking shape in the big data era. Its real-time analytics platform is driven by an ACID-based relational database management system (RDMS) that couples the power of NoSQL with the reliability standards behind traditional database systems. MemSQL helps organizations optimize their data warehousing environment with real-time insights, lean column stores, and the ability to crunch hundreds of terabytes of data.

With over 20 investors rooting for its success, MemSQL looks poised for greatness.


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