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7 Effective Tips to Grow Twitter Audience


Twitter is one of the most effective ways to grow any online audience. If you’re trying to grow your business both online and offline, then you’ve got to be engaging with the virtual world of Twitter. This goes the same with every other social network out there, but Twitter is one where you’re going to find a ton of success. However, there are a ton of things for you to consider before you start trying to grow your business’ Twitter audience. Keep reading down below to find the top effective tips for you to grow that audience and engage with more potential customers.

  1. Promote Your Twitter Account with Promotions on Twitter

Did you know that you can pay Twitter to promote advertisements to people who don’t follow you? All you have to do is pay a very small amount to reach thousands of people who are not in your direct circle of influence. Then, they will be able to see what you are all about and hopefully start following you on Twitter and become a loyal customer!

  1. Allow Your Viewers to Tweet Content from Your Site

You can easily add a plugin onto your website to allow other people who are viewing the site to tweet the content. This will allow these viewers to share with their own audience the content that you are creating. This massively expands how many people you can reach and all you have to do is write up some blog posts!

  1. Reach Out to Other Twitter Influencers

One of the absolute best ways that you’re going to get more followers on your Twitter account and to get more customers from Twitter is to reach out to Twitter influencers. There are plenty of micro and macro celebrities who are going to be more than willing to promote your product on their page. These people are going to have thousands, hundreds of thousands, or even millions of followers who can potentially learn about your product and become customers. All you have to do is do some outreach, see what the terms of these influencers are, and then you can see about working with them!

  1. Be Humorous on Your Twitter Account to Engage with Your Audience

Twitter is one of those places where everyone wants to laugh and be positive. No one really wants to see those political tweets or anything too negative. That’s why it’s in your best interests to make sure that the content that you tweet out is humorous and always positive. You are going to gain and retain many more followers when you do that.

  1. Retweet Your Own Tweets

An absolutely fantastic way to engage with your audience is to retweet your old tweets that your new audience might not have seen yet. This is a fairly new feature that’s going to help you bring back old content that your new audience might be interested in reading about. However, this is going to save them the extra step of having to scroll back through all of your tweets. In addition to this, you can get a Twitter automation tool like Narrow to help automate all of this for you!

  1. Understand the Best Time to Tweet to Your Audience

As with all social media networks, there are good and bad times for you to post and engage with your audience. There are tons of online tools that you can use to determine when this time is for your specific audience. Make sure to check them out and you can schedule your tweets to be sent out at these times to get the highest engagement. Once you get this engagement increased, you can even use Twitter to grow your email list!

  1. Use the Most Relevant Hashtags That Will Promote Your Content

And lastly, one of the most important parts of Twitter are the hashtags that you use. Without using hashtags, there is no way that your content can reach across the Twitter universe and get to new people. Make sure to only be using the most relevant hashtags for your industry that are going to attract viewers who will actually enjoy your content and products.

Each of these points are effective ways for you to reach out to new audience members on Twitter and grow your viewership. All in all, these tips are going to help you increase your Twitter traffic, website traffic, and help you grow up your customer base.

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