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5 Helpful Tips to Create Engaging Social Media Graphics

They say, a picture is worth a thousand words. When we first came across this idiom, we might not have paid the required attention to it. However, at present, with the cropping up of innumerable social networking sites, posting miscellaneous content accompanied by vibrant images, we couldn’t have realized its relevance better than this.

Infographics, that is the visual illustration of a written piece, are of utmost importance. As per a leading website, merely reading an information will help in remembering only 15% of it. Whereas, reading the same piece of information with images shall help retain about 70% of the data. So you see why visual subject matter and graphic design play such a crucial role? In addition to finding it quite unchallenging to grasp the facts in a visual pattern, the readers find it quite appealing as well. Keep one thing embedded in your mind in case you yearn to raise the number of viewers on your social media updates, and that is, while an engaging visual graphic attracts people’s attention, a well-written account of an object, event, or a person only finalizes the deal.

Below mentioned are some easy and effective methods availing which one can create attractive social media graphics. Read on.

1. Modify Designs as per the Target Audience

The audience is known to influence the graphic design in two manners. The first way is to know who this target audience is. This is important because having an adequate knowledge on this ‘who’ can provide you with instructions on designing a worthwhile and powerful image. When it comes to advertising to businesses, authority is the key. B2B marketing is all about laying stress on authority, and conveying to your consumers how your brand holds a reliable place and can assist the customers in resolving their concerns.

B2B visual graphics tend to be quite informative and formal. On the other hand, brands, while advertising to consumers, make themselves appear pretty much friendly and accessible. In order to achieve this, you can use a shining and informal design. You can also resort to various advertisement maker websites that create banner ads for online campaigns. The second way is to take your visibility factor in consideration.

2. Color

Color is the second most chief element to designing engaging social media graphics. However, it would be wrong to give credits solely to color. It’s actually the ‘contrast’ that creates the magic. If you have chosen a dark backdrop, then opt for light pictures or texts. And in case you prefer texts and images of dark shade, go for a light background. You can also resort to several online contrast checkers and get confirmed whether the chosen hues differ from each other or not. But this is not the end. The colors that you have zeroed in on must be an expression of the brand’s nature. You might find it hard to believe, but trust us, your selection of the colors does play a huge role in increasing your audience.

3. Regularity

If you strive to make use of social media marketing for being noticeable and developing brand recognition, then you need to make sure that there is regularity in your design. This can be done in various ways by maintaining stability with the following:

  1. Usage of logo and its positioning
  2. Font
  3. Making use of graphics or stock images.
  4. Usage of web URL and its positioning.
  5. Colors
  6. A blend of all the above points.

4. Readability

This is yet another principal aspect of an appealing social media graphic. Make certain that the text is legible enough. Using elaborate typefaces might make it eye-catching, but that will only end up being unreadable.

5. Typography

Typography, similar to color, expresses tone and mood. Before you finalize a color, contemplate the preferred tone of your content. While serious words require somber color, amusing tone on the other hand demands bright colors.

Thus, these were the 5 tips working on which one can effectively create engaging social media graphics. In case you have any doubts regarding this, you can also rely on the World Wide Web for further information.

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