Why You Should Run Your Online Business at Dedicated Servers

dedicated-serverOnline businesses are all the rage today. Whether you're just about to ride the bandwagon as a new cyber entrepreneur or you're simply expanding your current offline business to encompass the fast growing e-commerce world, it's very important that you start on the right foot.

One of the most important yet underutilized initial setups that online businesses should take care of is the use of a dedicated server. What's this all about? Also referred to as a dedicated hosting service, this dedicated server means your company's very own leased server which is not shared with other web publishers, users, and businesses. It's an entire server that's solely yours, thus giving you complete control over various details such as the hardware to use and the operating system to install.

So how are these dedicated servers different from the shared ones? Well, based from how they are called, you already have an idea of the main difference. Dedicated means the server is just for you and no one else while shared means your site is hosted on this server along with others. But aside from this major distinction, you must also consider that dedicated servers can offer greater disk space and bandwidth and provide much better security. However, you'll need to be an excellent webmaster with efficient technical skills so you can manage the workings of your dedicated server. Naturally, dedicated servers are also more costly as well because you have nobody to share the expense with.

Now that you're more aware about these key differences, it's time to realize why most online businesses would rather avail of dedicated servers. If you're serious with your operations, you intend to grow this business, and you want to provide superior customer service, then getting a dedicated hosting service is certainly the obvious choice.

Still not convinced? It's better if you delve deeper into these top 5 fantastic benefits that dedicated servers can bring to your online business.

Incredible Speed and Reliability

Imagine a new visitor simply stumbling upon your site and becoming interested in what you have to offer. He tries to navigate through the different pages and even attempts to check out your free apps. Unfortunately, opening a new page seems to take forever! He can't even appreciate the ingenuity and beauty of the apps because of the lagging. In short, he exits your website and never comes back.

Now that's just one potential customer. There are tons more that you can save if you had a dedicated server hosting to provide you with more bandwidth and disk space and not have to share these with other sites. This way, the speed and reliability of your own website will be superb. With dedicated servers, you can wave goodbye to lagging and error tendencies. You can also run your business in peace without the risk of swarming, delay-causing traffic and without any possibility of other websites crashing upon yours.

Paramount Performance

Imagine yourself having an office all to yourself and thus being able to focus better, organize your files in an improved manner, maximize the space, and feel relaxed and at ease. Isn't it that your performance is bound to zoom up to greater heights rather than if you were sharing this same office with ten other people?

In the same way, a dedicated server will give you paramount performance because of the enhanced processor power, increased memory capacity, and many more.

Supreme Security

Would you like to have your site protected from being accessed and even hacked by outsiders? Do you want to ensure the confidentiality of your information? Then dedicated servers are the way to go! You don't have to worry about such things because the server is all yours, hence taking away the risks and dangers that can hamper your hardware and software security.

Useful Customization

Imagine not being able to configure your server according to your own design simply because there are many of you using it. It's going to be chaotic if you need to ask for permission from all the others. Hence, ordinary hosting services do not allow this. But with a dedicated server, you can enjoy custom configuration, installation of new software, and even making use of a tailored firewall.

Unique IP Address

One other great benefit of dedicated hosting service is that you can have a unique IP address not shared by anyone else. This provides your website with tremendous reliability and stability, eliminating any chance of an outage.

Being aware of these top 5 reasons why you ought to run your online business at dedicated servers will help you understand why such service costs more. Don't you worry, because it's still amazing value for your money especially considering how it will help bring in more customers and contribute to bigger profits in the long run.

Along with the importance of using a dedicated server is the magnitude of employing private cloud hosting services as well. As a popular and modern technology that provides online businesses with exclusive and unaccompanied storage and data management facilities, it comes as no surprise that a lot of companies on the rise are eager to try it out. After all, private cloud hosting brings about mobility, gives increased storage and security, provides automatic updating of servers and software, allows you to benefit from experienced specialists, and removes the need for your IT professionals to focus on the servers' maintenance.

Are you dead-set on taking your online business to the next level or if you're a beginner, starting the race well-prepared and well-equipped? Then the solution's right here, staring you in the face. Dedicated servers are not just a fad, but a very functional and advantageous technology for you.

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