Shared, Dedicated or VPS Hosting-Which Is Right For Your Website?

Global Web HostingIf you need to have hosting for your website, there are three types of hosting packages to choose from. These are shared hosting, dedicated hosting, and VPS (Virtual Private Server. Each of these services has their benefits, and the pricing of these services can vary from provider to provider. What are the differences that set these hosting solutions apart?

The Most Popular Hosting; Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a hosting platform where your website will be sharing a server with many other websites. Each website is on a separate directory on the server, and they can upload their own files for their website. This is the most practical solution for many website owners, because it is the most affordable option when it comes to hosting a website. The management of these hosting services is usually done by the provider, and they can use any of the most common control panels such as, cPanel. It would be an ideal option for a small business that is looking to create or increase an online presence but is not planning to sell products or services online. That is because a major drawback of shared hosting is that sites are not always secure because of the shared space. Any site planning to accept regular payments should not choose this option.

Something More Than Shared Hosting With VPS (Virtual Private Server)

The VPS (Virtual Private Server) uses a physical server that hosts many different virtual machines. This will give you the benefit of a dedicated server, but with fewer resources. With a VPS hosting service, you will have root access to your system. This will allow you to control many of the features of your server including the OS. You will also be able to install the software that you want to run on your server. It can cost a little more than shared hosting, but it will give you a lot more control over the server that you use for your website.

Full Control With Dedicated Hosting

The dedicated hosting service is the most costly, but can also give you the most control. You will have complete control over the physical server that you are using for your website. You will be able to decide on the hardware, OS and software that your hosting uses when you are using a dedicated hosting service. You may also choose to have a managed dedicated server which, the provider will do some of the common maintenance tasks for your server. It is also faster than shared hosting and allows for more secure website transactions and e-mail correspondence. The only downside to choosing a dedicated server is that hosting is generally substantially more expensive than with a shared server. However, any site planning to use secure information or take payments should absolutely use dedicated hosting.

What Type Of Website Will Benefit From Shared Hosting?

There are many different types of businesses that can benefit from a shared hosting service. Websites that just want to be visible on the Internet can benefit from shared hosting. It is also a great solution for small businesses and services that have little need for software and other features on their website.

What Type Of Businesses Should Consider VPS Hosting?

If you have a website that gets a lot of traffic, you may want to consider VPS hosting. It can also benefit sites that have software and services executed on the server. It may be more costly to have VPS, but you will have the benefit of more resources, and a server admin that is constantly monitoring your server.

Is A Dedicate Server What You Need?

If you have a large business, and your website will be getting a lot of visitors, dedicated hosting may be right for you. It is a solution that is best for big companies and institutions that need to manage a lot of data. You will be able to control all aspects of the server and make decisions about the different features that you need the server to have for your website.

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