Factors to Consider When Looking For A Pre-employment Check Website

The need to have all your details in order before applying for a job and after the interview has risen; this has also resulted in a rise in the number of companies offering the services. Before settling on one company or online site, consider the following factors:

  • The legitimacy of the site

There are many online sites set up to defraud you. Others are set up then your data is used by other people at a price. Therefore, you should research on the legitimacy of the company as well as the license they operate on. They should be internationally and nationally licensed by known and accredited bureaus. They should also have a legitimate stamp.

  • On-line reviews

What other people say about an on-line site matters. Consider looking at the highest and lowest reviews of the website. If most people are happy with the services offered, then you may consider employing their services. Client testimonials can also give great insights on the services received and the accuracy of the systems.


The number of people reported to have used the site will also determine if you will use the company or not. More experience by a company should be a dependable guide.

  • Resources

Most companies know that they have to tell their clients what they use when dealing with their data and how they come up with the results. They should have technological and human resources to facilitate searches through wide databases. They should also have the best human resources to scourge through the different data from different areas of your life.

  • Services offered

Some companies offer limited services and other are comprehensive. You should choose to work with a company that will cover education and certification checks, your criminal history, your identity and your drug tests. These services are very important for employers and they should accurate, clean or possible to explain. Having all these at one site also saves you money.

  • The security of your information

The company or site should be renowned to haveing the best and highest quality security systems. This will reduce the cases of identity theft and fraud that is a result of having your data stored in different private and/ or public databases that may or may not be vulnerable.

  • Packages offered

Basic, plus or professional packages offered should suit you and available at reasonable prices. A professional package covers your employment history, and a comprehensive criminal check through county, state, federal, most wanted list, terrorist watch list and the nationwide sex offenders' lists. This will give you confidence before and after the interview.

  • Payment options

The security of your money when transacting on-line is crucial. Choose companies that used internationally accredited payment options with the best security measures.

In conclusion, you will be giving a stranger your information and it is important for this data to remain safe or be safer in their hands. They should also provide accurate and trustworthy information that will help you in getting that job.


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