Ten Ways to Attract High Search Volumes for Your Website

Got some great stuff on your website but wondering why you don’t have enough visitors? Is your content juicy but lacks the tact to attract searches? Are you constantly looking for more ways to attract high volumes of visitors to your website?

Why, though, is a high volume of search traffic important for a website?

Typically, search traffic refers to the number of people that visit a website, and the time that they spend on the site. All of this is recorded in the database which eventually calculates the popularity of a website. It is hence important to attract traffic to your website because if you lose on the visitors to your site, your site will lose the rat race soon. The most important question that arises here is how to attract traffic to your website.

Here are ten ways to increase search traffic volumes for your website.

  • KeyWord Search

KeyWord or Synonym search is one way to direct people to your website who are probably searching for similar content but are not using the exact words for the search. For every content, select a clever keyword which will help organic traffic flow in. Tools such as Keyword planner are in place which analyse the feasibility of selecting a keyword for your content.

  • Advertising

Advertising has been and still is one of the classic ways to boost publicity for any business. While paid advertising helps increasing traffic for your website, it is important to know your target group and then advertise on related websites. For instance, if you deal with beauty products, advertising on a female centric fashion website will be the best idea.

  • The Power of Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Twitter and Google+ are the most commonly exploited sites to attract visitors to a website. It is a known fact that whatever goes on social media is sure to be popular. Once you realize how social media can influence your business performance, you will be surprised. While businesses worldwide are using this method to attract traffic, it is important to stand out and post regular as well as catchy updates that people can never ignore.

  • Headlines Are Magical

No matter how engaging and informative your content is, it is very important to have a crisp, catchy and appealing headline for your content. Make sure your headline speaks for your content. Also, keep in mind that the content should be engaging enough and not render the reader disappointed. An apt headline or URL will get you some good search volumes for your site.

  • Guest Blogging

Guest bloggers are writers who can write a couple of articles for you occasionally. These guest bloggers are highly followed by the public and are influential. Once in a while, hire these guest bloggers to write for you. This will attract search volumes for your site because of the popularity of the writer and of course the great content that he will write for you. Also, linking your website to the guest’s posts is a great way to trigger the traffic.

  • Internal and External Links

It is important to have external as well as internal links to your content. While your external links will make your content visible to visitors for related searches, your internal links will help you attract visitors solely for your content. It is important to focus on both in order to make your content visible and accessible.

  • Eye for What’s Trending

Keep an eye for the growing competition. Look around and analyze what’s trending on the web. Write related posts. Make sure your posts are engaging and captivating. Whatever is trending catches attention easily. For example, I see an increased awe of online service portals such as StarOfService, which help you hire professionals from a wide range available within minutes. Link your posts to already viewed and appreciated posts and this can fetch you high search volumes instantly.

  • A Slow Website Is A Big No

It’s a fast-paced generation and nobody is interested in staying at a website that takes forever to load. It is one of the core reasons why many websites fail. Keep your website technically strong, a website that works well even on a mobile phone because people nowadays are more fascinated with mobile phones than anything else.

  • Traditional Marketing Is Still In

While content developing and social media marketing have taken over, traditional marketing methods have still not gone. Email and SMS marketing can still attract visitors to your site. Remember not to trouble people with daily emails. An email once in a while about a new product or service can actually direct visitors to your site. Also, you can occasionally choose to drop a text with your link to potential and existing customers to boost your traffic.

  • Consistency Is the Key

Like every other area, consistency plays a major role in attracting traffic to your website. It is important to post regular stuff, advertise regularly, keep your website responsive and alive to attract more visitors. Most of the websites which are popular have been following this technique. You are bound to lose traffic if you lag behind in the run. Remember, competition adds up every day.

Summing it up, to keep moving in the rat race with your peers and not letting your position wobble, the best trick is to be in edge with the ever-rising competition, post regular and captivating stuff that is easily visible with the help of keywords. Keep yourself updated and do not ignore the influence that social media and advertising has on boosting the search volumes for your website.

If you have any questions, please ask below!