Top 4 Ways to Include Bots in Your Digital Marketing and Sales Strategy

4 ways to include bots in sales

There are many jargons going on that automation is turning out to be a threat to manual jobs. It might be somewhere right, but not in all cases, why because there should be some type of human intervention to make sure the work is done accurately. However, here we are not going into this battle. Let’s discuss today how you can integrate a bot into your digital marketing strategy to achieve a better business performance.

When it comes to marketing, automation is a prolific way to get more done in less time, where marketing bots have become a prevalent form of automation.

In fact, a bot is basically software that you can program to make it get done a certain set of tasks all on its own.

Interested in using bots in digital marketing? Let me tell you some top ways to include bots in any digital marketing strategy.

4 Ways to Use Bots in Digital Marketing

  1. To communicate with website visitors

This is one of the prevalent and common ways of using bots in digital marketing. It requires a huge amount of work to be done, but worth.

It is useful when visitors come into your website and nobody is there to assist them. In fact, you can have a dedicated resource to do the same task, but a bot can ensure better ROI by being quick, proactive and working around the clock.

According to a study by Econsultancy, 57% of customers prefer live chat. It sounds good. But when programming a bot, make sure to make them sound human.

By understanding the emergence of bots, many companies including Bank of America, Fandango, Staples and Burger King have deployed their own bots on Messenger and other trending platforms. Subsequently, this has encouraged some other players in the field too and created an increased demand for mobile application development companies who develop bots.

  1. To conduct research

Some says researching is not a big deal. But when they go into doing the same, they’ll come to know how many times they have to scratch their head to find the right information from the ocean called web. But a bot can make this task easier.

Just take GrowthBot, a chatbot for marketing and sales, as an example. This bot can help you in everything from finding the information to analyzing traffic. It can connect you to multiple marketing systems like HubSpot, Google Analytics and others and databases and provide you the convenience of accessing the right information and services quickly. You can use GrowthBot with Slack, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter.


  1. To nurture leads

Leads are essential, but nurturing them to turn as customers is the real deal. It requires many expert people to be involved. Don’t worry! Now you can have a bot for your help.

You can program a bot that can have the right answers for a set of questions. So it can effectively interact with the prospective customers according to where they are in the sales funnel. Your customers can’t even come to know that they’re talking to a bot.

Driftbot by Drift is a good example of this kind of software.

  1. To send customized news feeds

CNN’s bot pushes customized news feeds to users depending on lists of options. So it can intelligently extract data from users and leverage that to deliver a personalized experience. Facebook Messenger bots can be easily set up for personalization. See how CNN has done the same.



Hope you got some practical ideas on using bots into digital marketing. If you are looking to develop a bot or just a mobile app to enhance customer experience and improve sales, you are recommended to collaborate with a right mobile app development company who have the required expertise.


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