How Instagram Stands Vital For Your Digital Marketing Strategy in 2019?

Isn’t optimum brand recognition across the globe a prime pursuit of your deployed digital marketing strategy? And indeed, when implemented through the truly effective strategies, internet marketing does succeed in giving a sound 22% ‘boost’ to engagement over your brand from customers worldwide that consequently results in doubling up the quotient of customer acquisition for the business.

But as depicted above, the approaches must be rightful. Connecting with the customers on a more personal level while giving them a real-time idea over the brand’s core goal appears to be one productive pathway to adopt. As a matter of fact, businesses opting for the personalization method vow to experience around 57% ‘hike’ in site engagement and over 10X rise in internet marketing ROI in the long-run.

Now, if to acknowledge the opinion of pro digital marketers worldwide, Instagram comes up as one apt platform to execute this definite ‘personalized’ approach of digital marketing, And what makes it so?

Engage with this write-up to discover.

Instagram’s Role in Digital Marketing

‘Interaction through photos’ – isn’t this the prime spirit of this distinctive social media platform? By the outlook of savvy professionals at Vision Web Creations, this trait, in effect, helps you to make the best headway in becoming ‘close & personal’ with consumers.

Moreover with a record 1 billion active accounts from across the borders right now, the portal prevails as one vast market for you to explore and adeptly progress at own customer acquisition scheme. The fact being 65% of Instagram’s members belong to the millennial generation further strengthens your scope to realize actual sales from the Internet’s most prospective customers.

Instagram has essentially revolutionized the procedure of visuals and video-based communications around the world. The diverse cutting-edge tools embedded within the domain permit you to essentially ‘open own world’ to consumers.

From commerce’s day-to-day activities to certain behind-the-scene occurrences and from the ‘stories’ behind your popular products to the employees’ perspectives – you get to showcase it all and thus ‘involve’ customers with own vision. Gen X, always in pursuit of dynamic UX, find such experiences real-time intriguing and feel stimulated to engage with the brand.

In fact, businesses resorting to Instagram as one of their digital marketing factors for the success of the business, vow to accomplish a sound 8% growth in brand following each month.

What initially started as an endeavor for allowing common people to share with near one’s own life events through images and videos in 2010, has now become a matchless marketing medium especially for promoting new merchandise, announcing commercial launches, publicizing corporate events and start-ups to acquire prominence.

Spotlight Over Instagram Stories

Amidst the many progressive ‘hacks’ of this domain, Instagram Stories emerges specifically as business-boosting one. The option to upload photos and videos with a life span of 24 hours helps you to infuse a fervor of exclusiveness to own posts and thus heighten people’s engagement over it.

Along with this, the scope to include page links, unique hash-tags, relevant geo-tags, custom-made ‘emojis’ and sketches to the ‘Stories’ contents allow you to turn them all the more mind-engrossing and thus fetch authentic attention of those 400 million ‘grammers’ regularly following Instagram features.

The perk of ‘geo-tagging’, especially helps a business to gain specific attention from the local purchasers and get readily featured in their ‘Near Me’ searches.

In addition, through ‘hash-tagging’, the post can get easily featured on a product category or match a particular keyword searched by the most quotient of digital consumers and thereby catch heed of even those, who are not in the trade’s ‘followers’ list.

Another much effective feature that comes to commercial aid is the option to stream live videos. It comes as a perfect tool to introduce a new product, interact with brand devotees and respond to followers’ queries.

One more must-mention feature is the Instagram Direct that allows commerce to get in touch with users yet not in its ‘list’. The aftermath of detecting the most potential buyers of own business genre at the portal, a company can message photos and videos to them and let them ‘know’ about own existence and thus maximize the probability of quality lead generation. This trait moreover grants ‘consent’ for sending prompt and private messages—one tool businesses mostly use to nurture relationships with sincere and long-term customers.

More USPS Strengthening the Instagram Case

  1. At par with statistics, more than 60% of the global purchasers vow to identify newer brands and access top-quality products and services via this platform, with 30% eventually ending up in making a purchase.
  2. Instagram facilities with quite-enough versatile scopes for product advertisements. A trade can go for either the generic photo posts or opt for the video ads or, if the desire is to get displayed through more dynamism, then resort to the carousel module, in where multiple images can be showcased and remain open for ‘swiping through’. Each of these styles allows to tag brand logo over the ad titles and thus strengthen probabilities for heightened brand recognition, traffic drive to the site and doubling up of sales quotient. Till date, the overall value of Instagram ad revenue stands at $ 7 billion.
  3. Of late (June 2018), the domain has devised the IGTV facility, which supports televising of long-running and vertical-style videos. Meant for the Instagram app, this stand-alone ‘hack’ especially proves to be useful for firms of the technical genre to give product demonstrations and gratify certain customer queries.
  4. Instagram influence-rs are the virtual celebrities who have augmented fan-following at the portal. There lingers an option to ‘reward’ these personas and publicize own merchandise at their profiles. It becomes one much organic and ‘subtle’ way of promoting own brand to that 68 % of regular ‘Instagrammers’ always desiring for purchase suggestions from the influencers.
  5. The two distinguishing traits of the poll and responsive question stickers permit a business to enrich own benchmark of customer servicing. While the first one helps to survey and interpret crowd opinions and reviews about own business in an algorithm-based swift & integrated manoeuvre, the second one permits to reply to and gratify consumer requisites via a ‘humane’ way, thus boosting personalized UX – as ‘post with a face’ has proven to get around 39% more of ‘Likes’ from across the domain.
  6. With traffic engagement over every commercial post dwelling at an average quotient of 2-7%, Instagram, at present, stands as the social media platform with highest engagement rate – surpassing even Facebook and thus attracting over 1 million commercial advertisement postings every month with proven result.
  7. Given the fact that over 500 million+ accounts remain active at the domain each day, can there be any more potential exposure for your brand at the global customer fraternity?

Champion own brand-building by the most ‘buzzing’ gram of today.

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