To Grab Gen Z Attention Target Instagram

Let’s admit it. Gen Z is completely and utterly fascinated with Instagram, thanks to Instagram stories, a feature similar to Snapchat stories. And, brands, no matter what, need to especially focus on this generation more than millennials because according to a study by Goldman Sachs, this demographic is being considered more strategically valuable over millennials.

So, how do you strike a chord with this generation that is being considered more independent, more private and more realistic than the millennials? Here, I walk you seven ways to build rapport with this generation on Instagram.

#1. Interview Gen Z Customers to Build a Persona

Understanding the target customer is really important before you start targeting them with your wares. Meaning, you need to create buyer personas, first, for this demographic. In other words, understand their demographic and psychographic makeup.

Sure, there are different methods available to develop Gen Zers persona. But then, you need to consider a few crucial things before you undertake this exercise. First and foremost, find out what Gen Z is actually looking for while they are shopping for a product or service. What sort of thoughts weigh on their minds during the decision making process. What kind of products or services they are actually drawn toward. Second, marketers need to figure out how Gen Z consumes information. Are they using Instagram to discover new products or using it as a research platform to find better alternatives for products already found on other channels?

Also, marketers need to figure out, if they are finding different answers to the same questions posed to different segments of the Gen Z population.

#2. Take Advantage of Instagram IGTV

According to Defy Media report, 50% of Gen Z respondents swear by YouTube. Not surprisingly, there’s rise in YouTubers who are making videos specifically for Gen Z. So, as a brand, if you are targeting Gen Z on Instagram, it makes sense to leverage videos.

Try Instagram’s IGTV.

Instagram TV, popular as IGTV, helps you upload high-quality, long-form, vertical videos. Users can upload videos between 15 to 10 minutes long. In fact, big businesses are free to upload videos that are almost 60 minutes long. IGTV’s primary job is to help businesses create more compelling, engaging content to connect with the audience. Since social media revolves around the idea of generating engaging content, be assured, IGTV is worth every penny.

#3. Generate More Pieces of Content Every day

Generation Z tends to check Instagram frequently. So, posting just once in a day won’t help the cause. You need to post, at least, multiple times each day to capture the attention of Gen Z.

Like it or not, Generation Z loves to consume content constantly on social media. Brands that cater to this appetite are likely to draw more audience on Instagram.

#4. Take advantage of Instagram Influencers

There’s a huge array of Instagram influencers who are quite popular with the members of Generation Z. Think of roping in a couple of them to connect with this demographic. Some of the influencers that you could think of include Amandla Stenberg (appeared in The Hunger Games) and Shawn Mendes (YouTube singer).

#5. Invest in Instagram Stories

Generation Z was into Snapchat until Instagram stories happened. Now, Gen Z is more into Instagram stories. Use stories to offer realistic content. Gen Z enjoys content that feels realistic, and, more importantly, protects the privacy of their content. Instagram’s stories sit perfectly with their idea of content privacy as the platform offers disappearing content formats. Consult top social media marketing companies to conjure compelling content for Instagram stories.

#6. Focus on Mobile-First Website Content

It goes without saying. Gen Z is into smartphones in a big way. According to Google, 78% of teens are using smartphones. And, this means only a few Gen Zers are using a desktop computer.

So, if your brand is looking to drive visitors to your Instagram profile from your website, make sure that your website is optimized for mobile. Or else, Gen Z may find the whole experience unpleasant and leave.

#7. Advertise Environmental Love and their like

According to Marketo, 60% of Gen Z is looking for jobs that could help them create a better world. And, almost an equal amount is really concerned about environmental issues. Gen Z wants to make a difference in this world, and they support brands that do the same.

So to appeal to this generation on Instagram, consider content that offers clear and positive vision as to how your brand could help make the world a better place.

Over to you:

There you go! 7 smart tips to connect with Gen Z on Instagram. If you can think of more tips, add them in the comment box below.

If you have any questions, please ask below!