Steps to Create a Strong Digital Marketing Strategy

FEGEGRGDigital marketing is still a strange concept to many, and those who are aware are still ignorant about its importance. Based on studies conducted by Smart Insights, 46% companies do not have a specified digital marketing strategy in place, and 16% haven’t implemented it yet into their marketing campaigns despite having a strategy.

But, above all, it’s important to have a plan in place without which you cannot expect to flourish and be experimental. A proper plan can help you evaluate significant results and learn from any errors committed in the past. If you are still unsure, it would be best to seek assistance from an expert digital agency who can carefully integrate the digital marketing strategies with finesse that can iron out the anarchy in the opportunities. They should be expert in making your brand more presentable, engaging, effective, productive, unique, impassioned, and disruptive.

So, it’s time you stop worrying and get going with developing a plan that offers a dynamic impact. As a decision maker, you must adopt a few critical steps that ensure that your attempts in digital marketing generate a strong impact on your profits.

Recognize your Requirements and Fix the Objective


Uncover your mission

  • Explain the overall objective/mission of your business in the beginning. Your mission for digital marketing should be good enough for your magnificent plan.
  • You must answer this question that asks what is the supreme objective that you want your digital marketing endeavour to achieve?

Prepare and evaluate your KPIs

  • Be precise with your KPIs by figuring out the numbers you will be responsible for achieving.
  • Firstly, be rational with your KPIs by evaluating your digital marketing endeavours in the past. By doing this you will ensure that your objective is to achieve a positive growth in your results in the current time. At the same time, it also helps you to stay away from too high expectations.
  • Figure out an approach that can help you estimate each of your KPIs. For instance, would you use an independent software, Google Analytics, or something like BuzzSumo to evaluate your sales numbers, and to analyse how successful was your content marketing?
  • You can use the following as a ready KPI template: “Insert objective” by “insert stats in percentage” in “insert number of months”.

Evaluate your past and learn lessons from your mistakes

To analyse your past, you do not have to dig so deep in the past or go back to your planning period. Simply assessing the previous success and misfortune of your digital marketing tactics can help you pay attention to fixing the best KPIs for your business. In that case, you would perhaps need to fulfill both the steps one and two in unison.

Select a time span you would like to assess. Setting a period of time same as the time span of your new marketing strategy can be the best idea. For instance, take a call if you would want to assess the last month, quarter, or year.

How to evaluate

  • Once you have selected the time period that you would like to assess, you must fix the calendar of your Google Analytics to coordinate with the time span.
  • Check the “Google’s Benchmarking Reports” section in your Google Analytics account to analyse your progress against your competition.
  • You should also assess the marketing strategy of your competitors to stay ahead in the game. Prepare an assessment spreadsheet of their activities on the internet. You can use specialized tools from expert SEO companies to identify the SEO strategy of an adversary.
  • Always ask yourself intermittently if there’s anything else that you should inspect that did not cross your mind earlier, such as, if you should be analysing the times when you publish content or the kind of images you use.

Remember your audience and cater to their needs


Planning a marketing strategy is important, but its’ equally or perhaps more important to remember your customers. Don’t let your planning override the audience that you are trying to gain. You already know what your audience wants, but it’s easy to forget them at times among the KPI situation, distressing, and amidst the selection of channels.

So, avoid making this mistake this time and rather place you’re your audience at the center of your digital marketing strategy, respond to their emotional requirements, and fulfill their wishes. You can achieve this by creating well designed and meticulously developed image.

Create valuable image

  • Begin with the fundamentals and annotate all the analytical details like age, location, and gender or anything more than you know about your target customers.
  • Then go a bit deep down to figure out the problems of these target consumers that you can help with.
  • Go deep into their inner desires, objectives, inclinations, and fear, and note down all the aspects that could compel them to tick.
  • Go deep into the Google Analytics details that feature the Audience Reports and helps you figure out the key aspects of your target consumer such as, age, sex, employment, and more.
  • Identify the people who could be the influencers for your target consumers.

Determine your methods at a fixed budget

Determining your methods are measured by three very important things and these are: (1) your budget, (2) your digital mediums, (3) and, your people (team). Make sure that you take hold of all your resources before you decide on what more you may need for the next time.

How to determine your methods

1. Your financial estimate

  • Explain your overall budget for the digital marketing campaign.
  • Choose if you want to make use of paid promotion like AdWords, or social media ads.
  • Assign a certain part of your financial estimate for your digital medium that you want to use for paid promotions.
  • If there’s a specific part of your paid promotion approach is not yielding the desired results, review it and pour in the assigned budget amount into the medium that may get you the desired outcomes.

2. Your current team

  • Review your current man force and analyse what you can accomplish.
  • Figure out if you need to recruit more people and if you have the medium to do so.
  • Come to a decision if all your digital marketing work will be carried out in your house or you will need to off-load some work to an independent agency.
  • Make sure that each of your team members analyses their digital marketing activities and conjures up a few hypotheses on the marketing strategies in the future.

3. Your current digital marketing channels

  • Analyse your existing digital marketing mediums and zero on the mediums that you want to keep and if you would like to fund the new ones.
  • Make clear indications on what each medium is trying to accomplish.
  • Ensure that there is at least one KPI in your bag that’s linked to each of your digital marketing channels.

Create a plan and abide by it


Before you rack your brains on this twisted statement, it just means that no plan ever going to be perfect from the start, and all your theories are going to be the right ones. It is impossible to predict just how your audience would react despite carefully thought out strategy based on a set of astute hypotheses. So, it becomes imperative to keep measuring and auditing the digital marketing strategy performance and change the elements accordingly wherever required.

Prepare your digital marketing calendar

  • Use Google Calendarto try and create your time period. This will make it easier for you to share the timeline with your team and let the edit it whenever required.
  • Accentuate the major campaigns that you would design and promote across the year and assign a timeline for each.
  • Note down the digital marketing mediums. This will ensure that each campaign is successful.

Analyse your marketing approaches and figure out the changes required

  • Develop a plan for measurement and auditing, and that coheres with your KPIs.
  • Monitor the achievements of the individual details of your digital marketing approach, intermittently.
  • If you are not meeting the KPIs means there is something that is not working out. You must separate the individual elements and try to figure out what is the things that’s not working or going against your success.
  • Review your earlier evaluations, consumers, and fund allocation, and go for something new altogether.
  • Last but not the least, develop fresh and clearly defined KPIs for your new business.

Creating solid digital marketing strategies is an art that you must master with using these 5 steps that can help you to be successful with your digital marketing efforts.

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