Marketing Tips for Auto Mechanics

tgrthtyeLife as an auto mechanic invariably means getting your hands dirty. It’s your job to fix other people’s cars and trucks, so website design is probably not your strong point. However, without a website, you might find it hard to attract new customers in the digital age. Here are some useful marketing tips to help boost your business.

Create a Website

It should go without saying that a website is critical in this day and age, but not all auto mechanics have embraced the digital world. There are still some that don’t have a fully functioning website. If you are one of them, this lapse is costing your business valuable customers.

Most people search online for an auto mechanic. We type a phrase into a search engine and wait to see what shows up. Unless your business shows up on page one, you may as well forget it, but without a website, this is an impossible task.

Auto mechanic websites need to be engaging and customer-friendly. Most people looking for an auto mechanic will be interested in the business’s opening hours, your address, and what type of services you offer. Concentrate on providing this information first.

Building a website isn’t difficult. Invest in a domain name and pay for a hosting package. Use WordPress as your content management system and you are good to go. However, if this all sounds a bit baffling, it is worth paying a professional to create a simple website for you.

Local Matters

Auto mechanics are a local service. Google favors local, so you need to claim your Google My Business listing. This is a simple process, but you will need to verify your listing, which could take a week or so. Once the listing is ‘live’, add photos, update the business details, and encourage customers to leave reviews.

Google My Business listings are prominently displayed when a user searches for a local business. A significant amount of traffic is generated from appearing in the top box, so make sure your business is in the right category and you include key information in the listing.

Social Media

Don’t underestimate the power of social media. People use social media to search for local businesses and will ask their social media friends to recommend businesses they trust. For example, anyone needing an auto mechanic might post a question on Facebook asking for recommendations or search for a relevant page. We are also inclined to check social media for reviews before we use a service, so it is essential that any mentions that appear online are positive.

Social media is a useful marketing tool because it allows you to interact with your customers old and new. Build relationships with clients and use social media as your customer service portal. It costs nothing to create a Facebook business page or Twitter account. Post regularly and don’t forget to respond to queries and comments.

Consider Paid Advertising

It takes a while to build up a following on social media, or get a first-page listing on Google, so in the early days, paid advertising is definitely worth considering.

To start, consider taking out an advert through Facebook. You can customize the advertisement so that it is only shown to people in your local area. Consider offering a coupon code to anyone who sees the link and signs up to your Facebook page.

It’s also a good idea to consider taking out some PPC ads on Google. Again, you’ll want to target local customers who may be in need of repairs or maintenance on their vehicles.

Neither of these options cost a lot of money, and you could soon see a lot of new customers, especially if you offer them something in return.

Marketing needn’t be a bore. Even if you have a busy auto repair business, you can still find the time to monitor customer reviews and post updates on your social media channels.

If you have any questions, please ask below!