Integrating Social Networks in Magento Online Stores

Many words have been penned down about the significance of social media in the promotion of content & merchandises on web-stores. It all depends upon the nature of social networks, which are intended for the promotion of your brand.

Like majority enterprisers, if you're also weak in conducting a successful social campaign for online business, then you might be lacking in potential medium of interaction, impression and ultimate conversion.

In this post, I will try to concentrate on instant solution that ensure both social media & Magento website work synchronously to make deeper impact on promotional campaign for yielding handsome revenue.

I'm incorporating examples of Magento merchandises varying from small to medium scale that are successful in their fields reflecting that you don't need to be merchandising on large scale to take benefit from easy tips given below:

1. Show Buttons Of Social Network:

magentoIt isn't a complicated task, all you have to take care about the visibility of social media buttons on the pages of Magento web-domain. In order to do that, the appropriate way is to display famous social network buttons on the top however other practices are; they can be placed at the footer of homepage. Buttons appearing on mouse hover.

It should also be made sure that visitors surfing your webpage don't move out of your website as the click on the buttons of social channels. It is suggested that opening of social media pages should be provided on separate windows.

It is not necessary to mention all social channels you have made i.e. if you are utilizing FaceBook profile and not operating Twitter, then it is better not to include button to share material on Twitter. Reason for avoiding is such social profile is that it can have adverse effects on your site usability.

We see several other ways to showcase links of social channels on website which are also correct. All it depend upon the preferences of design and manner in which user are interacting with your web-store.

2. Use Social Media In Logical Manner:

Social networks should be operated in a manner to make your customers aware about the latest updates from your domain and new changes deployed in the outlets after certain period of time.

You can also use your FaceBook profile appropriately by offering certain discount on liking the FaceBook page. A merchandiser can achieve such functionality by using a FaceBook like script.

3. Incorporate State-Of-The-Art Buttons

With the passage of time, social channels are also bringing change in their appearance. If you added the social media button a year ago, the icons and emblems might be changed now by the social domain so they should be updated accordingly. FaceBook fans gradually changes into likes, group pages depleted, +1 swiftly changes into new one and redefined logo of LinkedIn. Conduct a comprehensive research while using terminologies, logo and punch lines of social so that they are the newest one.

To sustain authority in consistently changing environment, it is imperative to be harmonic with the trend. Staying updated with your terminology doesn't indicate that you should be connected to widely used social platforms. Therefore, you have have to be choosy about selection and usage of social networks, without brainstorming it is just like trespassing in the prohibited area.

4. Display Buttons To Share:

If you're Magento merchandiser selling products online and you haven't included share button of product pages, then you're lacking major potential of social platforms.

The sharing button should be functionalized to recommend or share product in a swift manner. If there isn't any appropriate solution then you may use label of ‘AddThis' & ‘ShareThis' on sharing buttons. Use of anyone of label can be quite handy in sharing content on social points; benefits of these can be tracked with analytics about the sharing of content about products.

Same thing goes for Magento websites, if your Ecommerce domain is generating resources like articles, blog posts and other kind of content, then you should make measures to make it shared among social visitors and they further share among their social circles. Share button should be placed where it can attain high visibility.

5. Make Use Of Analytics:

Be cautious about using & selection of social media button, you can decide about them by estimating capabilities through the tool of analytics, what is the click rate of outbound social linking.

The simple way to track clicking rate by deploying event tracking in analytics, you can research in order to learn more about these settings.

6. Comments By Using Social Profiles:

It is mostly observed that Ecommerce websites allow posting of comments and reviews only through their own login accounts of domain, such practice is a not likely. If you are hosting Magento commerce, then you should make use of Magento social login module to enable visitors to post comments and reviews by using social logins of FaceBook, Twitter, Yahoo etc.

7. Watch Out For The Requirements Of Social Domains:

In my opinion, it is imperative to be aware of about the terms and conditions of social spaces because I have seen major Ecommerce brands violating rules and regulations of specific social channel.

Running contest entries on Google+, an employ shouldn't be using personal FaceBook login for the promotion of brand, with the advancement of time social media have deployed some spam filters that prohibits playing out of bound.

The proper usage of social media appears on your website along with product. The unintentional volition should be rectified on priority basis by disavowing those links and pages committing violation.

8. Be Informed About Social Spaces:

Don't get tricked by the change in the appearance of social media & array of rollouts in recent times, as they might be ambiguous features of social media platforms. Stay update by reading press releases by different social media giants about change in rules and policies to make sure you are following with them and does get banned by not adhering to the rules.

If you have any questions, please ask below!